Photo: Chad Murray

‘A Rope Unfolds In Pitch Black’ is the lead single and title track of the latest EP by bleak minimalist artist Material Loss. The project helmed by Chris R, who you may also know for his Cattle and Soft Issues output, deconstructs ideas and focuses on nuances with spell-binding results. Fittingly, this music video by ACF Mitchell features a transfixing single-shot of snow falling in reverse, invoking the idea of ostranenie: making the every day strange.

Almost reminiscent of Stewart Lee creating absurdity and surrealism by repeating a joke until it stops being funny and then repeating it ’til it’s funny again, this video allows the viewer to appreciate the initial spectacle of the shot, then adds time to soak in the monotony of the visuals until they can appreciate them for different reasons. Long shots have always been the secret of the cinematic masterpieces though…

The EP A Rope Unfolds In Pitch Black is released digitally and on cassette via Outsider Art on March 26 and can be ordered here.



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