Photo: Raina Vlaskovska

Norwegian collective Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna) Dei Farne announce the new album Hildring (Mirage) arriving on 26 November via By Norse. Hildring is Lindy-Fay’s second album, following the release of Seafarer in 2019 which was released in her own name. Dei Farne are musicians Roy Ole Førland and Ingolf Hella Torgersen and with them Lindy-Fay has found kindred spirits.

Hildring is an intuitively crafted, ornamental and rhythmical record with a dark pop sensibility, channeling the musicians’ mutual appreciation of different genres, from dark synth, folk, jazz, noise/experimental, Krautrock, prog rock, and world music. The soundscapes of Hildring are like moonlight shimmering in running water. Synth drones and fluid melodies are deftly-woven together with the organic sounds of acoustic piano, guitars, harmonium and percussion/drums, elevated into something larger than life by Lindy-Fay’s extraordinary, expressive vocal style.

Introducing our video premiere, ‘Los’, Lindy-Fay writes: “Los (Lodesman) is the one who is guiding lost souls at Sea, to safer shores. Sometimes, those who did not arrive home again from their journey, were thought to be taken by Draugen, a well known, dangerous creature in Scandinavian folklore.”

Lindy-Fay Hella sounds especially liberated on this record, reconnecting to a childhood passion for synths, and her love of Black Celebration by Depeche Mode, attributing her vocal experimentation to Dave Gahan’s wide-ranging style. Lindy-Fay also draws powerful inspiration also from traditional Joik singing, unique to the Sámi people of Northern Europe. Lindy-Fay honours her great-grandmother and other Sámi people who suffered injustice when this traditional form was condemned. Harnessing her vocal power is not necessarily about choosing the right words, rather following specific feelings and utilising the voice as an instrument.

The album reflects the sense of wonder and awe with which Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne view the natural world and the elemental forces of their rural surroundings outside of Bergen. Lindy-Fay elaborates further,

I have seen a place up in the Lyderhorn mountains that makes a perfect mirror in the water when still. It makes me think of the Otherworld or parallel Universes. ‘What is behind the veil?’ As they questioned in earlier times. All the curiosities I get from walking there makes me wonder, maybe the Witches that were said to be up there felt something similar? To me it is a magical place and the favourite of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. Also, from where I grew up, on an Island by the open ocean…the memories from that place and the stories I heard from my grandfather about mythical creatures and possible dangers at Sea, gives me great inspiration as well”.

Hildring is released on November 26 via By Norse Music and can pre-ordered here.

Video credits: 
Direction, camera & editing: Ferruccio Goia.
Costume designer: Johanna Elf.
Los concept and mask: Dordi Moen.

Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne are celebrating the upcoming album Hildring with a release concert in Oslo on December 3rd at the legendary Blå. Tickets are available via


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