Paisajes Imaginarios by Julia Gjertsen & Nico Rosenberg

Release date: December 4, 2021
Label: Constellation Tatsu

Straddling that border between classical music, jazz and modern electronics, something taken almost to perfection by late great Harold Budd and a few other artists, can be an excruciatingly hard and heavy task. Particularly if you want to add a personal vision and another touch of inventiveness to the proceedings.<

That is exactly what Oslo, Norway composer/pianist Julia Gjertsen and Santiago, Chile electronic music composer and sound artist Nico Rosenberg are attempting on Paisajes Imaginarios (Imagined Landscapes), their collaborative effort.

Essentially, the title, a nod to legendary modern classic composer John Cage, describes the album in the best manner. Of course, it also rings as a description of many other such musical projects, but there’s an additional element of inventiveness that give this eight tracks something extra.

Usually, for such projects to work you need the ideas of involved artists to almost perfectly gel together, often something you can achieve by working jointly for hours in the studio or on stage. Yet, it is almost a miracle that Gjertsen, Rosenberg, and Alena Franken, their collaborator on two tracks here, were able to create such good musical synergy working solely online.

They have come up with some quite exquisite combination of piano-based music supported by lo-fi sonic frequencies made with tape manipulation. This probably painstaking and time-consuming effort was worth all that these artists invested in it.

Paisajes Imaginarios might be imagined landscapes, but they sound quite real and beautiful ones to visit.

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