Riding a wave of momentum following the critical and commercial success of 2019’s Stay Awake album launch, and a huge tour with The Dead South, Noble Jacks were heading into 2020 and beyond with stars in their eyes. We all know what happened next. “Covid jolted hard on our reins and brought us to a sudden dead stop,” says violinst and singer Will. “I experienced a whirlwind of emotions at the start of lockdown: disbelief, confusion, despair… then I was chomping at the bit, desperate to get back out, live on stage. The response to COVID also provided a cruel reminder that the financial lifeline of many independent artists is live shows. On the other hand, the pandemic ended up giving the band a full album of new songs and also allowed them to find new ways to be creative from home – they explored co-writing via Zoom with the likes of Katherine Priddy and The Wandering Hearts. “That was a great experience and pushed our skills outside our comfort zone,” reveals Will. “We are really happy with the songs that came out, it feels like there is some light at the end of the tunnel and we are thrilled to have an album up our sleeve for the reopening of live music.”

Will writes of ‘Never Been Here Before’: “Im so excited to finally share this track with the world, as it was the first song I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic and now is the first to be released as we (hopefully) move towards a brighter future with optimism for 2022 and beyond. The song marks what, for me, was the start of a new epoch, both personally and for the entire planet in many ways. We had to rethink everything. I feel that relationships with each other and with our planet as a whole have been influenced greatly by the last two years, and this song tells a story of the unsettling but exciting feeling of unfamiliarity. Moving away from what we know can be an anxious experience, but can also be the making of our next adventure, and that is what the song is about. In fact, the time we had away from playing shows gave us the opportunity and inspiration to produce this record which certainly has been an adventure already and it’s only just begun! 

“The song encapsulates layers of storytelling vocals, warm guitars, driving drums and catchy riffs, from soaring fiddles and wailing harmonica, in tune with Noble Jacks’ folkloric roots. This new flowing sound we’ve hit upon tells stories of people and is filled with hope for the future. There is always a large dose of optimism within our music!”

‘Never Been Here Before’ is released on April 4 2022 and can be streamed and downloaded here.

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