Since the release of Superstition back in 2018, Funeral Chic has been through something of a metamorphosis, a rebirth if you will. With renewed purpose and a line up that has been solidified along the way, the four piece have just released their third full length album, Roman Candle.

Holding no desire to make the same album twice, they have eschewed the punk-led powerviolence that informed their previous work and have embraced the great tradition of American rock and roll – but given it a very distinctive Funeral Chic twist. The swagger of proto-punk forefathers The Stooges and The New York Dolls imbues the darkest, grittiest corners of their reinvigorated sound, and can also be found on their cover of Roky Erickson’s Two Headed Dog. The caustic energy of early thrash and black metal scenes is also present, flickering with unmistakable incandescence throughout.

We asked the band about 3 releases that have influenced them a lot and vocalist Ryan Lockheart came back with the following 3 choices…

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Live ‘75-‘85

Do bootlegs count if they were officially released by the artist? Are they even still bootlegs? Who knows? The rules are made up. It’d probably be hard to argue with, given that it’s 40 goddamn songs from a 10 year span, but I genuinely believe this is the most complete piece of music ever released. Whether you can hear it in the music or not, my only concern is doing everything I can to feel like Bruce Springsteen from 1975-1985.

Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe

It would be foolish to not even mention it. This album was actually the blueprint for the last album, but we were on meth at the time so it got a little lost in the speed of it all. So it was great to give ourselves space to explore the degenerate rock and roll end of the genre. Such a simple album, too. There’s like 5 elements to the whole thing: synthesisers, drum machines, horror movie samples, guitar tone that sounds like actual vomit, and probably a lot of crushed up pills. Remember when ‘Living Dead Girl’ was a staple at most strip clubs? Things have really gone downhill since that era.

Meatloaf – Bat Out Of Hell II

Maybe not so much on the surface sonically, but Meatloaf will always be the ugliest sex symbol in the history of horny music. He spent years singing about riding a motorcycle through hell so he could offer some dick to his dream woman, and he did it at full volume and it nearly killed him every goddamn night. He’s surely in hell autographing a titty right now, and I happen to love that for him. Rest in pussy, Meat.

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