As God Alone prepares to release their first album under the Prosthetic Records banner on October 21, listeners should prepare to empty their minds. ETC is a study of nothingness – brought to life by way of extremely danceable, gloriously abstract musicianship. The Cork, Ireland group’s approach traverses through mathrock, dance, avant-garde, post-punk and more on its way to its final destination. Citing the Talking Heads as a big influence, God Alone embraces absurdism at every turn – in particular the absurdity of nothingness; the art of existing without meaning or context.

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Foals – Antidotes

This album is definitely the most prominent influence on the sound of our album. The combination of super energetic math rock and dance music inspired us massively to create challenging and danceable music that’s still fun and catchy. Just everything about it is fantastic as it marries so much of the music that we love as a band (Battles, techno, dance punk) and presents it in such a brilliant and inventive way.

Shifting – It Was Good

The heavier side of our music is influenced heavily by noise rock and our Irish friends Shifting in particular. Their guitar and bass tones are immaculate and their repetitive hypnotic interlocking sections are a constant source of inspiration for us. Also our first proper gig in 2017 was with them and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Talking Heads – Remain In Light

This album was another massive influence on us, especially production wise. ‘Tsktsktsk’ was particularly influenced by Talking Heads with its afrobeat inspired percussion loop, interlocking guitar parts and chanted gang vocals. The stream of consciousness lyrics have also been a big influence on us.

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