R E MO T E VI E W I NG has been grinding out discordant and experimental sludge rock since its inception in the winter of 2016. Featuring members of Palehorse, Million Dead, Sly & The Family Drone, Nitkowski and Wound (to name but a few) the band are no strangers to making heavy music, but with R E MO T E VI E W I NG demonstrate an even broader sound that incorporates elements of hardcore, post-rock and shoegaze into the palette of sludge and noise-rock.

Their latest offering Modern Addictions was recorded and mixed at Bear Bites Horse studios in April 2022 with Wayne Adams (Petbrick, Big Lad, Cower) behind the console and mastered by Stephen Kerrison (ANTA) at Tall Trees Audio Mastering.

Summarising the album the band comment:Modern Addictions is the sound of drinking a cocktail behind a two-way mirror. You’re enjoying the taste but you can’t help but feel you’re being watched. Perhaps your life is under threat. Perhaps not. Just drink up. I’m sure everything’ll be fine.” 


Modern Addictions will be released on Vinyl and digital download via Human Worth on February 3 2023, and can be pre-ordered here. The label have pressed up a stunning limited edition of transparent Aqua Marine vinyl with 10% of all proceeds donated to foodbank charity The Trussell Trust, to help support those in crisis at this difficult time.

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