Longtime E&D faves, Gum Takes Tooth are back, and most welcome a return it is too!  ‘Small Arms’ is the first track to be taken from their upcoming album, Recovery Position (out April 21st through Wrong Speed Records).. 

“In the throes of potential catastrophe, the challenge remains to navigate back from the brink. The method of reinventing oneself anew in the face of adversity. Recovery Position marks this process for Gum Takes Tooth-a time when this ever-shifting and morphing entity sheds its skin once again, revealing a formidable new form.” says the press release , and they are not kidding with the ‘formidable’ if the lead track is anything to go by; it absolutely slaps!

Get this in your face.


They will be launching the album with this belter of a show hosted by Baba Yaga’s Hut at New River Studios on May 4th. Get tickets here.

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