Australia-based solo project Tir (Oytun Bektaş) is set to release his fifth full-length album this coming April. Following on from 2021’s Persepolis and set for release under the dual banners of Brilliant Emperor Records (LP) and Orko Productions (CD/tape), Awaiting the Dawn presents a one-and-a-half year musical journey and noticeable shift in Tir’s artistic philosophy towards the purity of his dark folk/medieval roots, whilst still acknowledging the project’s successful dungeon synth beginnings.

Of our track premiere, ‘The Mists of the Eternal Meadow’, Oytun writes:

“It was a misty night. I was looking for him deep in the forest. 
At first there was just shadow, but then I realised it was a memory, a memory from my childhood. 
My fathers silhouette had guided me, caressed my head and then woke me up. 
Then finally I understood that it was only a moment, and it will always remain so”

He adds:

“This is what the album is trying to convey: Our memories, those lost feelings. 
The aesthetic illusions of romanticism can never fulfil what nature already gives us. 
Perhaps it’s our unaware passion for nothingness? 
I composed the song right in the heart of this depth.
Existence upon extinction; all illusion.”


Awaiting the Dawn releases on April 7 2023, and can be pre-ordered here on Bandcamp.

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