Have you ever stubbed your toe and it feels so sharp it makes you lash out and kick something else? Yeah? Okay, so that’s what it feels like to listen to Spits Milk‘s Hell’s Lapels.

The band labelled by many friends as a “supergroup”, hail from Birmingham (UK) (the home of tote bags and ….erm, the Bull Ring) and are made up of members of Calories (who?), Stinky Wizzleteat (eh?), Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam (ok) and Opium Lord (hmmm). Slumped in a chair somewhere between punk, noise and pop, Spits Milk (Neil Bailey, Pete Dixon, Bruce Goodenough and Tom Whitfield) have somehow perfected their mess on Hell’s Lapels, the bands second studio album being released by Cruel Nature Recordings on 28 July 2023.

Hell’s Lapels is entwined with wit and sarcasm with a soupçon of seriousness – the album takes lyrical stabs at the realities of modern living; Whitfield’s sometimes dry sense of humour coupled with a real-life sense of gallows humour showcase the absurdity of being a young (ish) adult in our times. With wild guitars, solid bass lines and near-perfect drumming Hells Lapels offers the energy of youth with the backbone of an old-timer.

Hells Lapels is released via Cruel Nature Recordings on July 28 and can be pre-ordered HERE

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