Repo Man emerged in Bristol in 2011, reshaping ‘rock groop’ sturm-und-clang into subnormal forms, son-of-Oldham vocal slurries, oozing free sax splatter and shards of punishing guitar bliss. If you ever freaked to The Fall, Sonic Youth, Swans or Ornette Coleman then Repo Man may be your ticket to oblivion.

Me Pop Now is the new Repo Man album and represents their fourth long-playing excursion into the realms of the caustically weird. Me Pop Now is the first Repo Man album to feature the rhythmical reverberations and string slingin’ of Aron Ward (Olanza / Harpoon) and drumsmith Simon Mawson (Action Beat). It was recorded in June of ’22 at Giant Wafer studio in Wales with Wayne Adams (Bear Bites Horse) with steamin’ interludes sweated out at Aron’s over a crazed weekend later that summer.

Me Pop Now sonically slams through the sprechgesang dullard hordes like a wrecking ball. Punctuated by electronic spasms and a box-jacket aesthetic, this latest emissary from the jumbled brains of Bristol’s bozo intellectuals will fire your synapses like a Ci and Jak poured deep n’ long. The tracks come thick n’ fast, time bomb ticking and finger clickin’ for diverse attention spans, a platter loaded with meaty beaty juices for the dry age.

What is Me Pop Now? A continuum of descendants of the Ig? A comment on the self-fixated modern malaise/ discombobulation of individuality? A nifty film quotation? A trip into the commercially viable? All of the above and more?


Me Pop Now is released on July 24, 2023 via Cruel Nature Records (dowload and cassette available HERE) and Totality (CD and download available HERE)

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