Multiverse by Violet Cold

Release date: August 4, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Above this crazy world and deep beyond the aether lies an endless existence of possibilities. The stories conceived in the blackness and luminous glow of the stars have been enough to fuel the imagination of generations of writers and artists and will perpetually turn the cogs of creation forevermore.

Whilst Violet Cold‘s music may not be entirely written in the stars there is a very universal theme in much of his albums. The voiceless and sublime Magic Night,k0smik or Searching For You In The Far Universes to name a few. Sole visionary Emin Guliyev is clearly someone to also turn his head towards the great expanse above us in search of that starburst of expressiveness.

Emin is a veritable supernova of creativity, a world-builder and man who wears his heart on his sleeve, who shapes his music with raw emotion and an undying perseverance to connect to that feeling you wish to purge or buried thought you are aching to manifest. Whether it’s through a subtle nuance, synthesised euphoria or black-hole sized outbursts of harsh black metal and blastbeats, Emin’s music always somehow manages to still glitter with the twinkle of galaxies and provide the listener with a vessel to escape the emotional restraints of life by taking them to the stars and beyond. A more cathartic band would be hard to find.

Previous full-length Searching For You In The Far Universes was a beautiful exploration into the zenith of existence and an album burning with forlorn undertones. Clearly a very personal release. The album before that, Empire of Love was a game-changer. Bold, challenging and one hundred percent necessary in this day and age. Empire came from out of the blue in a proud rainbow explosion of vivid music and meaningful messages, quickly becoming an anthem of pride and respect in the LGBTQ+ community. New album Multiverse is yet another album that goes beyond the reaches of what talent and sheer aural beauty we believe is possible with six brand new tracks and two extended versions to bless your soul.

Opener and title track ‘Multiverse’ leaps immediately into boundless space and Emin’s familiar, warming soundscapes and expansive talent for cosmic beauty, kicking off a vibrant, nuanced party of sound textures. Screaming theramin calls, synth waves and glimmering, heartfelt notes add a sweet touch of luminosity against the primal drum beats and swarming wall of guitars growling softly in the distance. This track sets a standard, and in those enchanting moments where drums intensify the pace of the track and you’re traversing a cosmos of audial pleasure, where stringwork sings along and celestial intricacies call for your undivided attention, you truly feel at ease with the universe. Welcome to Emin’s Multiverse.

‘Emocean’ has a more caustic bite, whilst still being a kaleidoscope of ear-bliss. The thunderous blackgazing aggression of the opening paves way for a euphonious blanket of comforting synths and theramin and the most joyous tinkling of keys, sending sparkled notes into the climactic conclusion. ‘Stardust’ is pure glitz and glamour that in seconds elevates the listener through the dense, breathless atmosphere of life and lays them gently amongst a billion speckles of light. The emotive, ghostly sway of the tracks rhythm and the mysterious yet vibrant atmosphere give the music a beautiful sentimentality, a warmth and understanding that’s so palpable you can almost feel the notes come to life in your ears. ‘Stardust’ is a truly nostalgic and ethereal ballad that feels like a lovers waltz through the heavens, a romantic dance beyond the boundaries of Earth, where the sweet, angelic voice at the heart of the song is the one thing that matters in the universe. To the stars, to infinity.

Emin can make a song dance. His music is unmistakably his own sound and the depth of those touches of musical expression are what sets Violet Cold apart. It’s the effulgent ambience that softly glimmers in the background, the middle Eastern flourishes or subtle sparkle of sweetness, a key aspect that is particularly present on Multiverse, and let’s not forget those venomous moments where gazing blackness is untethered. ‘Calliope’ is one of Multiverse‘s best examples of this marriage of forces, delivering coruscating synth ambience and chill beats under the dulcet plucks of what sounds like an Oud, which sets the flow of this track, as well as tinkling, galactic keys and delicate flutes, an absolutely mystical way to transition into blastbeats.

I could go on forever detailing what makes this album or anything Violet Cold does so special as there is plenty more to be said and an abundance of exhilarating moments to be pointed out. Like the stunning, fiery licks of the out of the blue guitar solos at the end of ‘Gentle Soothing Affection’, where Emin channels some kind of blackgazed Eddie Munson and how ‘Love Designer’ neatly wraps up the release with its short instrumental explosion of spiritual bliss. Or how Emin somehow manages to take two tracks that were already some of his best work and expand on them, first ‘Shazam The Void’ and its accentuated beauty and then ‘Ein Langer Weg’, a track that is several years old but given a modern, rejuvenated touch. I could go on trying to be as poetic in my descriptions or my passion for his sound as I possibly can, but nothing will match simply listening to his music, which is what you should do yourself.

Emin makes music that ignites the soul and washes troubles away and I have a feeling he knows how purifying his music can be for his listeners. I truly believe Emin is one of the modern greats, whose contribution to the genre is undeniably significant. His music is joyous, even when at its most caustic, and behind it shines a message brought to glorious life with his blood, sweat and tears seeping through every passionate note. In one word, his music is… healing.

Music is powerful. Music is endless beacons of emotion calling out for a home, for someone to connect to and melt into those notes and snuggle comfortably. Violet Cold is my blanket for when days are dark and even with a beautiful wife and beautiful children it can still hit hard, it happens to the best of us, and honestly, all of us at sometime. It’s ok to feel empty and edge quickly towards the void because you think that the instant emptiness will bring a calm to the ever-growing despondency. But, I promise you, that the endless and tempting black hole will become smaller and more insignificant in time, especially when surrounded by people who breathe your musical message like air and care so dearly for what you do. With Violet Cold, we are all family floating in this void together.

Gaze high and peer into the wide unknown, whether you’re searching for someone in the far universes or hoping to find your empire of love, music will help you find your guiding light amongst the stars. Multiverse is one of many facets and dimensions of Violet Cold and one of many gifts wrapped in healing comfort straight from Emin’s heart to yours.

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