Further In Evil is the name of the debut full length from one-woman metal band, Marthe, which is due via Southern Lord on 20th October. An atmospheric and aggressive blend of punk and metal, Further In Evil is a shift in gears from her musical background in the anarcho punk scene and inspired by riot grrrl, crust and d-beat. “I always loved metal and heavy sounds too, but playing music was mostly a political form of activism to me so I’ve been playing punk for pretty much my whole life.” Marthe is “music for broken souls that can’t find peace”. The lyrics are full of rage and the music is full of strength; it has the power of Bathory and the sadness of Tiamat, tinged with the stench of Amebix.

We asked Marthe about 3 of her biggest influences, which you can read below. And listen to the latest single release ‘To Ruined Altars’ and the video for the title track ‘Further In Evil’ here: 

Photo Credit: Silvia Polmonari

Wretched – Libero di Vivere, Libero di Morire

This record contained a desperate distorted cry against all that was pissing me off as a teenage punk kid: religion, the Pope, the church, the patriarchal system of this narrow minded nation, where Mafia rules the country, the culture and press quality rates are embarassing (and people have such short memory to consider Berlusconi almost a martyr on the day he died). I’m aware I have the privilege to live in a country that is not comparable to way worst realities in the world but this is no excuse for the cultural undevelopment, political corruption, detention of migrants, social injustice, discrimination of minorities and shit like that I assist everyday.

In this record, I could find (and still can) a word for anything getting on my nerves. And a huge set of motivational quotes for a lifetime: mai arrendersi, disperato ma vivo, quale domani quale futuro.

Bathory – Hammerheart

This was my favourite in a special moment of my life: a lot of hiking, a lot of inspiration, deep connection with nature and a lot of touring with my band at the time, visiting new countries and finally visiting Scandinavia in a proper full tour that allowed me to visit the vastity of that breathtaking land. I received this record from the bass player of one of my favourite bands (Warcollapse) so this added love on top of love. I respect and admire Janne so much, anytime I listen to it I have this clear memory of us in his kitchen talking about music and stuff, he was smiling and cooking, raining outside and a bunch of filthy crusties crashed on his living room floor. This is the record for my introspection moments, along with Tiamat’s Wildhoney, for walking in the woods, for starring at the sea, or at the summer sky, for thinking, crying, for everything that’s not chaotic.

Extreme Noise Terror – Retro-Bution

The purists were critic on that because of the polished sounds etc., but I didn’t know it yet and to me, as a 14 years old kid in a shit hole town in 1995, was the gate that led me from mainstream metal into crust and political messages, and never walked back. The distortion, the energy, it was so tight, and the vocals!!! Got it along with Chaos A.D. from Sepultura (I was too young so I was a bit late on that) then digged for the classics, and my life changed forever, especially because the furious drumming of those records formed my future music taste and role in a band (another big love constantly spinning in that moment was L7’s Smell The Magic, equally a source of rage for my ears).

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