Yama Uba, the Oakland darkwave/post-punk project founded by Akiko Sampson (Ötzi) with collaboration by Winter Zora (Ötzi, Mystic Priestess) will release their debut full-length, Silhouettes, on 16 January 2024.Yama Uba was formed in 2017 by Sampson, who was joined by Zora in 2020. The duo’s musical collaborations have been extensive over the past decade. Yama Uba released the EP, Laura/Isolation, and toured the United States in 2022 and Japan in October 2023. Yama Uba plans to tour the United States and Europe in 2024.

With evocative and charismatic vocals from both Sampson and Zora, the debut full-length Silhouettes, was five years in the making. Combining the infectious sounds of sweeping guitar, rumbling bass, soaring saxophone and velvet synthesizers over synthpop beats, Yama Uba makes several nods to their post-punk and darkwave predecessors, yet creates a sound entirely their own.

Of the track premiere, ‘Shapes’, Akiko writes:

“I’ve always been attracted to shapeshifters in folklore, and curious as to why their ability to change form incites fear. But I thought if I was a shapeshifter, I would feel more fear during the vulnerable state of change itself. We experience that sort of thing in our most intimate relationships. Everyone sees our public-facing persona, but only those closest to us see all the messy in-betweens as we grow and change. It’s our weakest but bravest state, and you have to let yourself out to let others in. So this is a love song to the shapeshifter and what that myth says about human relationships: ‘Here’s my monster, here’s my shadow, here is me. And now that I’ve shown you, I can change.’”

Silhouettes will be released on 16 January 2024 via Psychic Eye and Ratskin Records and be pre-ordered HERE.

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