Teiger are a three-piece from London. With a sound meandering through quiet metal, prog and bright acoustic rock, the band create a rich and melancholic atmosphere that’s both fragile and occasionally furious.

With a highly-regarded self-titled debut out last summer, and a brand new video for lead track, ‘Splinter’, we thought it was about time we put our paws on what makes the stripy progsters roar; so we asked singer and guitarist Talie Rose Eigeland to choose three albums that have greatly influenced their music, and share them with us.

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

Your most influential albums aren’t always your favourites. I have a love-hate relationship with Radiohead (echoing feelings towards my own songwriting) – but A Moon Shaped Pool, particularly the opening track ‘Burn The Witch’, had a strange kind of impact on some of Teiger’s material. More in atmosphere than in specifics, something about this album resonates with our process. There’s a tangible push-pull between light and dark, and things typically aren’t what they seem. Radiohead don’t strike me as storytellers.

PJ Harvey – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

PJ Harvey’s world is very subtle. Her work has a unique kind of appeal – she manages to confront universal, overdone topics while avoiding clichés and resorting to obvious solutions. There’s something very brave about her delivery, yet it remains understated. There’s also a live feel in the production that I love – all of Teiger’s tracks are imagined in context rather than in headphones.

Opeth – Still Life

Defying categorisation (something the music industry seems to be obsessed with), Opeth is metal in spirit but neither beholden nor limited to a “heavy” sound. Beautiful acoustic production; delicate guitar lines emanating from the choruses; Mikael’s timbre in both clean and harsh vocals; sprawling yet not overindulgent song structures… The list is long. The genius of this album is difficult to put into words.


Teiger’s eponymous debut album can be purchased and downloaded here on Bandcamp





Coming soon… Teiger on an extensive tour in April, May and more…

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