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Hello. I’m Kev, a Glasgow-based journalist and fiction writer who happens to feel as passionate about music as I do literature. I am a multi-intrumentalist…no wait, that’s not quite accurate. I own several musical instruments, the workings of which I have failed to fully grasp in two decades of trying. What I am capable of however, is listening to and watching other people play music. So when I discovered Echoes and Dust were looking for people to actually write about this, I got in touch and here am I, listening and writing, but not playing. It has been rumoured that I am so “afraid to rock” that I was once ironically nicknamed Metal Kev. These are allegations that I fiercely deny, however I’m far more at home with Scottish indie, folk, Americana and electronic music as I am with those big ruddy loud guitars and angry drums. I miss making up mixtapes. Some of my more coherent writing can be found at Â

Articles by Kevin Scott

Field Report – Marigolden

Sophomore release from Milwaukee-based Field Report is a stunning example of the emotional enchantment of Americana, with Chris Porterfield providing one of the vocal highlights of the year. By Kevin Scott

Ólöf Arnalds – Palme

Ólöf Arnalds returns with a fourth album of Icelandic folk. As charming as ever, slick production and a new direction has led to a more electronic sound, but it’s one still dominated by light string-driven melodies. By Kevin Scott

Simian Ghost – The Veil

Some genuine moments of wonder on Simian Ghost’s third album The Veil, but with 18 tracks, there too much filler. By Kevin Scott

The Sea Kings – Woke in the Devil’s Arms

Glasgow band fuse rock, blues and country into a debut album that explores Europe’s dark political history to great effect. By Kevin Scott

Benjamin Shaw – Goodbye, Cagoule World

Benjamin Shaw’s latest effort sees the lo-fi troubadour create a rich and rewarding album packed with emotional punches. By Kevin Scott

Miasma – Miasma EP

Edinburgh five-piece release an EP that shows a wide range of styles, growing from folk-rock roots. – By Kevin Scott

The Phantom Band – Strange Friend

Leading Scottish ‘folksperimenters’ The Phantom Band are back with a hugely creative and rewarding third album of sonic experimentation. – By Kevin Scott

Call to Mind – The Winter is White

Glasgow-based Call to Mind’s debut is full of richness and textures, with guitars, strings and piano creating a soothing, joyous sound. – By Kevin Scott

Interview: Withered Hand

Kevin Scott asked some questions to singer-songwriter Dan Willson, the man behind Scottish band Withered Hand.

Pillar Point – Pillar Point

Seattle synth-pop project Pillar Point comes with plenty of charm but is let down by lack of consistency. By Kevin Scott

Withered Hand – New Gods

Second album from Scottish folkster Dan Willson reinforces him as one of the country’s pre-eminent lyricists. – By Kevin Scott

Kevin Drew – Darlings

Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew scratches an itch on second solo outing Darlings, with largely successful results. By Kevin Scott

Machines in Heaven – bordersbreakdown

Impressive electronica from Glasgow outfit Machines in Heaven, that melds huge guitar lines with synths and massive bass. – By Kevin Scott

Making Marks – A Thousands Half-Truths

Dark lyrics set against upbeat indie melodies see Making Marks deliver a hearty dose of Scandy-pop. – By Kevin Scott

Dante – Wake

In a burgeoning modern Scottish folk scene Dante have arrived with a hugely impressive debut album that will have you wiping tears from your cheeks just in time to start dancing. – By Kevin Scott

Killing Fields Of Ontario – How The World Ends

Second album from English band Killing Fields Of Ontario delivers a satisfyingly dark folkapocalypse of an album with huge scale and ambition. – By Kevin Scott

Psapp – What Makes Us Glow

Electronic duo Psapp return with another album of joyous experimentation and catchy melodies, but after a lengthy break between albums is it enough to re-engage with fans and entice new listeners? – By Kevin Scott

Atom Tree – Tide of Thorns

If this promising EP is anything to go by, 2014 could be a big year for the band. – By Kevin Scott

Interview: Torres

Kevin Scott had a chat with Torres about her upcoming album, Nashville, influences and the upcoming tour.

Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe

Chvrches debut arrives with huge expectations, which are easily met thanks to massive hooks and beats aplenty from the Glaswegian electro-pop trio. – By Kevin Scott

Torres – Torres

Torres is the sound of a tortured soul finding solace in a six-string and exorcising a lifetime’s demons through the birth of 10 songs that sigh, scream and dazzle. – By Kevin Scott

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