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UTO – When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire

One of the better electro-pop albums of this year so far.

Project Gemini – Colours & Light

Colours & Light fulfils that dual task Osborne seems to set out for himself – harking back to some previous musical times and making them as modern as they should be.

Chatterton – Fields Of This

It seems that the painstaking, three-year-long process did wonders for the duo, as they have come up with one of the more fresh and stimulating alt-rock albums this year so far.

Japanese Television – Automata Exotica

Throughout it sounds like it might have been created in Joe Meek’s lab back in the sixties and anytime until yesterday, making it somehow quite timeless.

Thea Grant – Water And Dreams

Water and Dreams shifts like any body of water can, and creates some lucid dreams along the way, very listenable avant-garde music, if you will.

MIZU – Forest Scenes

The results are like any forest, real or imaginary, both dark and light, but overall intriguing and mesmerising.

Mieko Shimizu – My Tentacles

The music could range from beat-inflected (in a left-field way) title track or ‘Undersong’ to subtly -orchestrated ‘I see a soul’ to a combination of these and other elements that form an intriguing musical kaleidoscope.

Bedbug – Pack Your Bags The Sun Is Growing

The final result here is a piece of music rich with intricacies and details that make it work to its fullest.

Tomato Flower – No

Actually, Tomato Flower has created something quite complex using essentially simple elements, creating at the same time music that is intriguing, daring, and above all, listenable.

HJirok – HJirok

The results here are elongated, dubbed-out explorations of a Sufi musical base, making this album one of the more fully realised recent combinations of acoustic/electronic music with field recordings.

Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, Patrick Shiroishi – Speak Moment

Even for such acclaimed and experienced artists it is an achievement to do it all in a single afternoon, improvised session that covers such a wide musical ground.

Grass Jaw – I Don’t Want To Believe

Kurtz was able to make a coherent musical whole out of all of those influences that he seems to have, something that is utterly listenable, no matter what your stance on aliens, UFOs, and similar phenomena is.

Jordan Munson – Heartless Fools

There might be heartless fools around, but Munson is not fooling around with his art pop modern classical combination.

Alev & Jas – Bring Your Friends

While this mini album clocks at less than twenty minutes, its high-flying, soft-as-cloud sounds are something all those late-night listeners will thoroughly embrace.

Neil Cowley – Building Blocks, Pt. 6

Whether these are ‘building blocks’ or not, the music here fully stands on its own merits.

Thee Conductor with Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Ennoia

The songs here are so well constructed, played, and sung that you certainly long for more. Well, maybe we can all search out the previous Butler/Oldham project.

Scott Yoder – Scooter Pie

Essentially, Scott Yoder shows with this album that quality glam rock is still alive and well.

Black Bouquet – Pray to the Knife

Something that could have been overcomplicated and overbearing turns out to be quite an enjoyable art rock experience after all.

Dead Bandit – Memory Thirteen

While many might proclaim that post-rock has reached its limits, Dead Bandit and their latest album prove that it just might still have some musical fuel there.

Sea Dramas – Escape Scenes

It turns out that ‘Escape Scenes’ is one of those melody-driven albums that simply stick to your ears.

True Green – My Lost Decade

Adding the fact that this is True Green’s debut album the results are even more impressive than the sum of its (nine) parts.

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