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Machinefabriek – Re: Moving (Music For Choreographies By Yin Yue)

In combination with Zuydervelt’s usual concept of making incongruous sounds work exactly in the opposite direction, it makes ‘Re: Moving’ an exciting listening experience just as is, without the dance performances it was initially created for.


It is that dance-inducing ‘motorik,’ constant movement, enveloped in a quite heavy dose of psych that makes ‘De Película’ work its charms. With ease.

Connor Kissel – Forest of Things Lost and Found

‘Forest of Things Lost and Found’ certainly is not a light-hearted listen, but one that can bring quite a few rewards.

Suuns – The Witness

Well, it might sound like one very long song, as the band put it, but it is actually an excellent one at that. The one that has more layers than a very large onion.

Killed By The Architects – Killed By The Architects

Berkes certainly has immersed himself in that Eighties guitar sound so well, that it has become a good part of his person.

Field Works – Maples, Ash and Oaks: Cedars Instrumentals

Musically, the album just might represent a prime example of a recently coined genre of Ambient Americana. And one that many should follow as an example if they want to continue this line.

Brainsqueezed – I Am Not A Robot

‘I Am Not A Robot’ at the same time sounds like the music you are somehow familiar with, but to which at the same time you really can’t put your finger on.

Vassilina – Fragments

If you ever wanted This Mortal Coil updated for current times and toned yet another shade darker, you just might start with Vassilina and her Fragments.

Old Moon – Altars

His music has that urban, nocturnal feel when all the parties are over but the adrenaline rush still holds as the end of the night, or old moon, if you will, approaches.

Toma – Atom

Ivanov’s ‘ATOM’ is the kind of music where its detonation will certainly be felt, and it should be on a larger scale.

Moderate Rebels – If You See Something That Doesn’t Look Right II

On If You See Something That Doesn’t Look Right II there is a very unified sense of ideas and their presentation making it work like (a dark) charm.

Tangents – Timeslips & Chimeras

You get everything here that characterizes an excellent post-rock album from dub drones to abstract musical collages.

Harkness – The Occasion

Harkness does not miss a step on his initial outing, the quality of which makes you wonder – what can (and will) he do for a follow-up?

Typical Sisters – Love Beam

It works on all the right levels, escaping one of the key traps Post Rock can pose – too much brain and too little heart.

Royal Canoe – Sidelining

The eleven songs here all sound fresh and beaming with ideas that require repeated listening. Every new listen brings out yet another nuance you might not have noticed the first time around.

Mischa Blanos – City Jungle

Even when he seemingly calms things down, there is always a rhythmic pattern present in Blanos’ playing that goes on to prove that well-known saying ‘a big city never sleeps’.

Immortal Machinery – Bartok ReOrganised

Another reason Immortal Machinery’s vision of Bartok is successful might lie in the fact that the duo obviously knows the composer’s works so well. They are aware that Bartok can often be most potent in small doses.

Small Reactions – New Age Soul

Those with very rock inclinations in their musical taste don’t have to go very far from New Age Soul as their current summer album.

Stone Giants – West Coast Love Stories

West Coast Love Stories turns out to be one of the better albums Tobin has come up with in recent times, a melodic experiment that is above all utterly listenable.

Talk Show Host – Mid-Century Modern

Talk Show Host and their Mid-Century Modern show that there is still some exciting vitality left in the punk/power pop combination.

Helvetia – Essential Aliens

The whole album paints a sonic image that tells us that Albertini and his Helvetia actually have something quite interesting to tell us musically.

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