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Wet Tuna – Warping All By Yourself

As somebody who has heard it all, played it all and still  with abundance of imagination, Valentine manages to come up with something actually new and fresh. Oh, and extremely listenable, as usual.

Stelios Vassiloudis – All Else Fails

Actually, here Vassiloudis transforms whatever inspiration and musical background he has into something quite inspiring for his listeners.

Immortal Machinery – Tarakani – the Cockroach (Official Soundtrack)

Divided in three parts, it certainly has that cinematic quality the duo intended to create, and their delving into the aspects of classical music with Bartok certainly shows here too.


What could have ended up as a complete disaster, and just a pile of different musical parts that don’t sum up to a whole, turns out to be a surprisingly unified musical concept that works.

Alabaster DePlume – Gold

The effect of his musical/lyrical combination is quite mesmerizing throughout ‘Gold’ with some quite impressive moments.

Field Works – Stations

Essentially, Hyatt used sophisticated ground recording devices which he and the artists involved coupled them with human voices. Humans singing along with the Earth. 

Ginla – Everything

Maybe Ginla are not trying to either define or understand that incomprehensible, but just tells us that it exists, and they have certainly succeeded in doing that on ‘Everything’.

Kee Avil – Crease

‘Crease’ might be a debut album for Kee Avil, but it sounds mature and fully rounded, making you wonder where Mettler will take us next.

The Hanging Stars – Hollow Heart

At moments, ‘Hollow Heart’ reaches the level of the best ‘modern’ cosmic country coming from the place of its origin.

Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola – Open

Rinne and Mäki-Patola skim across the borders of different music genres here as easily as a good ice skater would do on a frozen lake, skipping the dangers of thin ice and making artistic swirls along the way.

Frank Cogliano – Computers of the World

Cogliano is not sticking solely to nostalgic electronica here, but is actually trying to push the boundaries a bit further,  reminding us of old and bringing personal nostalgia to modern times.

Ilhan Ersahin, Dave Harrington, Kenny Wollesen – Invite Your Eye

The music here is so open and open-minded that it leaves the listener the possibility to recall any film noir or late night visual scene they have experienced or is simply a part of their imagination.

Spencer Elliott – SE3

Throughout, the focus is on Elliott and his acoustic guitar playing, but also the quality of the compositions themselves, making ‘SE3’ a particularly listenable experience.

Heavenly Trip To Hell – Pumpkin Man

HTTH exhibit both instrumental and vocal prowess and such high levels of energy to make their brand of industrial metal actually matter to any fan of the genre.

Port Nasim – It’s Murky Gray

On ‘It’s Murky Grey,’ Port Nasim come up with one of the more intriguing prog/alternative rock combinations to pop up recently.

Mental Fracture – Disaccord

Mental Fracture try to keep in check all the excesses tied with prog rock throughout this album and have quite a good success at it.

Allegra Krieger – Precious Thing

As in many other cases, ‘Precious Thing’ works because it keeps things simple and unpretentious, letting Krieger’s ideas work for themselves.

RIP Swirl – Blurry

It might be called ‘Blurry’, but it has a very clear musical vision.

Mint June – Surrendering Nina

Whatever Jung does next, he has the capability to come up with some excellent electronic music, he just needs a bit more preserving, courage, and possibly dream-reading of his potential audience, like that famous psychologist with whom he shares his last name.

Swoop and Cross – Les Fauves

Vale is using all the elements of modern and post-modern classical music, from minimalism to electronic elements, to reach his goals.

Suso Sáiz & Menhir – Just Before Silence

What Suso Sáiz and Menhir were able to come up on ‘Just Before Silence’ is some brilliant, intuitive meditative music.

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