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Tarotplane – Aeonium

While attempting to emulate the original sound and spirit, Dorsey uses all his knowledge of krautrock to inject enough of his personal vision of the genre.

Psychic Ills – Mind Daze

You can feel that emotion Hart talks about this performance with Psychic Ills, at their live best, giving it all in their powers to maximise the audience’s psych experience.

Rachika Nayar – Heaven Come Crashing

If this album spells melodrama, then melodrama hasn’t sounded so good in a while.

Crack Cloud – Tough Baby

Crack Cloud manage to transform their ideas, both musical and lyrical into some quite credible post-punk/post-new wave musical experiences.

Black Nite Crash – Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash

Yes, this music came along well before Black Nite Crash, but it doesn’t really matter as the quintet comes up with a combination that does it true justice here.

Jakob Lindhagen – Memory Constructions

In a way, Lindhagen’s ‘Memory Constructions’ have exactly that echoing, lingering effect that makes them more reality than constructions.

The Comet Is Coming – Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam

Even those already aware of what The Comet Is Coming are capable of the tightness, intuitiveness and further pushing of boundaries the trio exhibit here can be a (pleasant) surprise.

The Soft Moon – Exister

Going through a specific counterbalancing (musical) process, it is Vasquez and his listeners that come out on top.

Mr. Grossman – Novella

On ‘Novella,’ Grossman covers his intimate stories with a cool, late-night vibe that fits them equally well.

Seb Martel – Saturn 63

What Martel comes up with on ‘Saturn 63’ is quite an extraordinary array of sounds, but sounds placed within a song and composition structure that make sense and fully enrich them.

UTO – Touch The Lock

Instead of making a mess of a heady combination Barnett and Larroche came up with, their mix shows both letting loose and restraint at all the right moments, confidence that graces only those artists who know exactly what they’re doing.

Tuhaf – Mere Guld

The sounds Tuhaf creates on ‘Mere Guld’ works as it is quite a successful combination of the inspiration from two seemingly disparate musical genres.

Affiliate Links – Enough Light

Maybe Davies is not reinventing the wheel here, but his musical wheels seem to be working quite fine, thank you.

Bailey Miller – Still Water

Essentially, Bailey Miller has come up with one of the best debut albums this year so far.

Boon – Bad Machine

Things work out here almost in the best possible way – instead of musical chaos, you get musical excellence.

Esmerine – Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More

There seems to be an excellent synergy between the musicians and the ideas they brought along to this music on this album, creating a deep meditative listening experience above all.

The Limiñanas – Electrified (Best of 2009-2022)

Listening to these songs as a collection, you realise what lies behind the high quality of music The Limiñanas are creating – the music, recalling all the great moments of the sixties psych pop from all over.

Gwilym Gold – Blue Garden

Whether Gold used the Bronze technology to come up with this album is beside the point, since ‘Blue Garden’ deserves a medal. The one that is more akin to his last name than the name of the software he developed and uses.

Tall Dwarfs – Unravelled: 1981-2002

It is a warm-heartening recapitulation of the duo’s uncanny knack for a good melody accompanied by various types of racket that can go under the banner everything AND the kitchen sink (which they probably used on their recordings at some point), but that somehow underpins that knack for melody rather than dismembering it.

Tomato Flower – Construction

The band seem to go through a very meticulous process of writing and recording the songs here and actually come up with music that was seriously constructed. With excellent reason and results.

Claude – a lot’s gotta change

a lot’s gotta change is sophisticated pop at a very high level, whether you add that dream category to it or not.

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