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Holy Monitor – Southern Lights

It is Holy Monitor’s excellent psych variations that carry Southern Lights through successfully.

Dylan Henner – Great Prairie Plains: Studies of American Minimalism

Henner presents us with music that just looses genre categorization and gives us something any music lover can enjoy.

Apache Rose – Attention!

Apache Rose obviously has their mindset on a much bigger scene, and on the evidence of Attention!, they just might get it.

Cheval Sombre – Time Waits for No One

Cheval Sombre took his time to come up with his new album, but on the evidence of it, his name just might stick around.

Mt. Mountain – Centre

On Centre we get this excellent flow of music that goes from lull to a boil and back with ease and flair. Possibly, the best from Mt. Mountain so far.

Mouse On Mars – AAI

What we get here from Mouse On Mars is a detailed sci-fi novel in musical form that is brimming with ideas and imagination, as usual.

Delusive Relics – The Blind Owl

Delusive Relics brings some quite dark music into these dark times which can maybe help their listeners turn on the light, at least a bit.

Psymon Spine – Charismatic Megafauna

On the evidence of Charismatic Megafauna, Psymon Spine exhibit enough confidence and flair with their psych/electro-dance combination that you can expect them only to get better.

Oneo Fakind – The Start of Something

Oneo Fakind seems to hit all the right notes or keys throughout the album to rightfully claim that definition of Coniology – they do invoke that feeling of warmth and nostalgia above all.

Dizmation – S/T

In the end, instead of a stylistic mess, Dizmation’s debut turns into a good promise.

Chuck Johnson – The Cinder Grove

As The Cinder Grove progresses, the ambient aural paintings Johnson creates just keep getting richer in their (musical) palettes.

WaxFeet – Blues and Pinks

What Waxfeet has done is shuffle their musical deck of cards using their extensive experience to make it sound new, refreshing, and… relaxing.

Peace Chord – S/T

Danielson recollects here all the celebratory and traumatic events that he went through, and he doesn’t have to explicitly say, it, you can actually sense it in all the seven musical pieces here.

Pony Bradshaw – Calico Jim

Calico Jim is one of those Americana albums that stand close to the top of recent releases within this genre.

Dan Lipton – Water Rising

Lipton could have just gone and done an instrumental guitar album. Luckily, he didn’t.

Coma Girls – Skyboxer

Coma Girls manage to thrill their listeners and not throw them into a real coma along the way.

Tamar Aphek – All Bets Are Off

Aphek does exactly what she says, coming up with one of the more interesting and original rock releases in quite a bit.

Vajra – Irkalla

Vajra is trying to create a specific mood experience to accompany their music, and both the mood and the music are painted in really heavy dark overtones.

Countless Thousands – …and the Triumph of Justice

Somehow, it all gels together and works to further underscore the message Countless Thousands wanted to convey.

Haze – S/T

Her melodic sense, the ability to shift tempos, and some excellent vocals, and what you get is some very cool late-night music that shifts from cozy dreams to slight nightmares and back with ease.

Astralseid – Shamanic Love

Astralseid envisaged and executed Shamanic Love as a set of in the studio improvised pieces, giving them the organic feel and hitting that ritualistic vibe they went for right on the spot.

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