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Helvetia – Essential Aliens

The whole album paints a sonic image that tells us that Albertini and his Helvetia actually have something quite interesting to tell us musically.

The Mountain Goats – Dark in Here

In many ways, it is The Mountain Goats album that event those listeners who are not keen on the band could warm up to, without alienating one single staunch follower around.

Kid Millions and Jan St. Werner – Imperium Droop

When they started out probably neither Millions nor St. Werner knew where this was going to take them, but in the end, it all sounds like they got to the right place.

Indigo Sparke – Echo

A double-edged sword as a concept. Luckily for Sparke and her producer Adrianne Lenker, they used the right edge of that sword to come up with some quite delicate results.

Porterfield – Rome

The overall effect is that you are not really sure whether this is jazz or a prog-rock album. Or you just might say that it is both and a very good one in both respects.

Wise John – A Wonderful World

Not sure whether the world is so wonderful these days, A Wonderful World is a pleasant musical surprise practically out of nowhere.

Blurry The Explorer – S/T

Can Blurry The Explorer blur and explore a little bit more, please?

Max Bloom – Pedestrian

We get a straightforward pop/rock album in Pedestrian, but one that ticks all the right boxes of what a good pop/rock album should sound like.

T. Griffin – The Proposal

Dark, brooding, and very intriguing.

King Ropes – Way Out West

Whatever inspirations Hollier might have had or had, here on Way Out West he is able to blend them into something very much his and King Ropes own, keeping that Western vibe fully intact.

Leon den Engelsen – Growth

Does Leo den Engelsen’s music have that ‘European feel’? Quite possibly, but then, Europe is changing and so is its music.

Mark Trecka – Acknowledgement

Simply, Acknowledgment is an engaging listening experience that works.

Blueanimal – Figment That Was Me

The band’s songwriting and playing capabilities pull them through making Figment That Was Me a good addition to a possible grunge revival.

Waves Of Distortion – Race Against Time

Race Against Time presents Waves of Distortion as a metal/hard rock project to be reckoned with.

Adrien Casalis – Ghost

Casalis strikes the right sentiment throughout, bringing in that feeling of interaction between living beings and the apparitions they might feel.

Jennifer – Sincerely

Spencer wanted to express his feelings towards a lost friend and a lost artistic scene through a completely different musical concept.

K4LT – Endgame

It is all well sewn-up to do exactly what K4LT put in words – it is dark, but there are certain things around to wake up for.

Will Graefe – Marine Life

No matter how you might get the impression that Marine Life sounds like something so familiar, it turns out to be a very personal and individual album with a sound all its own.

Teke::Teke – Shirushi

Teke::Teke simply picks up on something that some might consider old and bygone and turn it into something that is absolutely fresh and new while still not messing up the musical strands that they are trying to connect.

Electric Treatment Free – S/T

Uygur uses this introductory Electric Treatment Free EP as a sort of a teaser for (greater?) things to come, without overstaying his welcome.

Secret of Elements – Chronos

Pätzold is able to combine different musical elements, acoustic or electronic to create impressive images of what he has been through in the last ten years or so.

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