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Omar Ahmad – Inheritance

Without being formally aware of any musical formulas, rules, or genre boundaries, Ahmad approaches his music with a child-like enthusiasm and innovation, coupled with extensive experience as a resident DJ.

Pram of Dogs – Unland

In many ways, the album cover fits the music within, which on one hand has these dark overtones, and on the other, still is moving in its dark beauty.

Amelie Lucille – Amelie Lucille

Essentially, Lucille shows how ‘basic’ singer-songwriter music can sound good.

Paul Feder – Never Sleep EP

Feder doesn’t actually use direct musical quotes, but picks up tiny strands of other’s music and then arranges them in a manner that he sees fit.

The Muse Frequency – Diary of an Artist in Love

Nouat manages to give both the spoken word and the music he combines a balance that such a combination requires.

Tiny Leaves – Mynd

On the evidence of ‘Mynd’, Pike has both the ability and inventiveness in abundance to carry him through something that could have been just a mundane musical impression.

Wes McClintock – Open Dream

The key to why this album works is that McClintock has a nifty touch with song structures and layered arrangements that give his music here that extra touch.

Summer Houses – Frantic Hearts

What could have turned into an incomprehensible mishmash comes out as a great-sounding post-punk experiment.

The Titillators – That’s The Night

There is no chaos here, just an excellent set order, that sounds both familiar and different at the same time.

Lauren Bousfield – Salesforce

Frankly, Bousfield makes the point she intended in full presenting her ‘Salesforce’ as a complete musical force.

Vanessa Wagner – Les heures immobiles

All of the interpretations here are almost perfect, with Wagner’s intricate touch shining throughout.

Suburban Spell – Falling Down

It is exactly that emotional involvement that gives Suburban Spell’s ‘Falling Down’ that elevates the electronic sounds to another level.

Special Friend – Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In

They could really become special friends with this kind of music.

Faunas – Paint The Birds

Here, Faunas cover a much wider ground by staying true to their initial concept and sound, something it takes other artists a few albums to achieve.

Lanayah – I’m Picking Lights in a Field

The key thing here is that Lanayah were able to neatly wrap up all the influences and present them in a cohesive (and very heavy) whole.

The Cry – The Cry

The quality of such music always relies on ability, imagination, and inventiveness, and all three artists involved have ample all of those in ample reserves, making this album quite an intriguing listen.

Ricardo Dias Gomes – Muito Sol

It is Dias Gomes’ song structures, subtle and complex guitar-playing, and quite gentle vocals that dominate this album.

Natalie Rose LeBrecht – Holy Prana Open Game

The result is nothing less than amazing, getting that meditative, spiritual feeling LeBrecht was after, turning this album into quite an achievement.

Balmorhea – Pendant World

No matter what musical route Lowe and Mueller take, the results are nothing less than exceptional and utterly satisfying musically, coming up with yet another great Balmorhea release.

Nico Georis – Cloud Suites

That classical music background Georis has surely created an ability to make musical sense out of improvisational themes, and Georis utilises it to the best effect on Cloud Suites.

A Shoreline Dream – Loveblind

Loveblind gives a bit more than just dominating guitar sound, it gives some very tight, skilful shoegaze that doesn’t want to go away. And it shouldn’t

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