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Stuck In The Sound – 16 Dreams A Minute

With all the variation in sound, there is a definite sense of consistency in the sound here as the listener is all the time aware it is one and the same artist/band that knows exactly what is supposed to go on here.

Tapir! – The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain

You can hardly do better as far as debut albums go than Tapir! come up with here.

Richard E – Opening Scene

Eventually, with ‘Opening Scene’ Richard E created an album that promises so much more to come.

Labasheeda – Blueprints

It is van der Giessen’s now fully-developed songwriting that leads the way here with ‘Blueprint’ being exactly that – a blueprint for modern post-punk.

Dau – Gilly’s Wood

Dau was able to use repetitive patterns to his benefit and come up with real musical substance with the six compositions included here.

Surya Botofasina, Nate Mercereau, Carlos Niño – Subtle Movements

It is the same feel this trio of artists infused into their collaboration André 3000 on his album ‘New Blue Sun,’ taking the term ‘spiritual’ on both albums to a new, modern level.

Jordan Munson – Heartless Fools

Munson comes up with music that presents us with an almost perfect balance between modern classical music and pop (with some other elements seeping through for good measure).

Ohmwork – Fractions (EP)

What happens when a band that made a name for itself (however big or small) within the metal/prog genre goes ‘soft’?

CR and The Nones – The Ghosts Are Coming Home

It turns out that The Ghosts Are Coming Home is one of the albums that arrived close to the end of 2023, that will be often cited as one of the hidden gems of that year.

Gentle Stranger – Inner Winter

You can supplement or combine this one with all the holiday-themed music as you will and as the mood dictates.

April Clocks – Rituals

While Betti’s work is in some aspects comparable to some other artists, it also has an abundance of individual elements to make it stand out on its own, making it quite a unique experience.

Six Missing – Here for Now

The cover of the album speaks volumes – it is all those dark shades of the night, with those ever-shifting small shapes hiding some multi-colored gems if you look at (listen to) them long enough.

Zanov – Lost In The Future

As an artist who has scientific training, Zanov has ample capabilities to understand what the electronic instruments he uses can produce and is able to present “the convergence of technological advancements and human experience,” as he puts it here, sounding both ‘classic’ and ‘futuristic’ at the same time.

Harp – Albion

It might be a bit strange that a man from Texas has come up with a truly modernized British psych-folk of its prime era. But, then, who cares about that when it is this good?

Morricone Youth – Battleship Potempkin

Luckily, Morricone Youth was able to do all of these things, infusing the spirit of the original film and its accompanying music, and creating a set of modern musical pieces along the way.

Kaiwei – Reprocession

Essentially, the album turns out to be an inventive and intriguing musical concoction that should not go unnoticed, whether you are a fan of electronic sonics or not.

The Dark Fruits – Warm Weather Starter Pack

All those winter parkas aside, the music is truly fitting not only for the warm weather the album title refers to but for any weather conditions that the listener might experience.

Joshua Van Tassel – The Recently Beautiful

Listening to ‘The Recently Beautiful’ you realise that Van Tassel has both the capability and inventiveness to present such complex musical ideas in a very short time span, which is quite a feat actually.

The Cyclist Conspiracy – Mashallah Plan

It all works in an almost perfect harmony, bringing those mysteries of the last age The Cyclist Conspiracy speaks about to these ‘modern’ times.

Niecy Blues – Exit Simulation

Even though this is her debut album, Niecy Blues does not leave but truly arrives.

Rich Hinman – Memorial

What we get then is an album of well-developed musical ideas that cross genres with such ease that you really forget about them.

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