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Spell Songs – Spell Songs II: Let The Light In

The key to why it works is that it is all done without becoming pretentious, as both the music and lyrics keep that essential balance.

Jessica Moss – Phosphenes

‘Phosphenes’ is an album that reflects these gloomy times in all its aspects, yet provides the hope that gloom will not end up in doom.

The Ghosts of Searchlight – Sprawl

That deep knowledge and feel of the Mojave Desert have actually been transferred to the music with ease and a sense of vision that makes it truly work.

Modern Monsters -Modern Monsters EP

The three tracks here seem to have been fine-tuned to the band’s liking, and quite possibly also to the liking of their potential hard rock/alt-metal audience.

Tawni Bias – SEL Fellow

Tawni Bias nails it with both his music and the description of it. And yes, it is its unexpected elements that actually do make it healing.

New Age Doom – Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Guide To The Universe

This is stuff that goes beyond being just for fans of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and dub experimentation.

Amon Tobin – How Do You Live

Tobin is not standing still but is further developing not only his sound but also bringing new elements to electronic music, no matter how minute they initially may seem.

The Specials – Protest Songs 1924-2012

As is almost always the case, something special from The Specials.

Squanky Kong – Dawn of the Cataclysm

In essence, Squanky Kong and his album make the case that we should forget genre classification and just listen.

Son Step – New Ears

No matter what Son Step have done before this, it is certainly a direction they should be pursuing

Plain Mister Smith – Plain Mister Smith EP

Plain Mister Smith’s EP is possibly everything else except plain. In the right way, that is..

Zack Oakley – Badlands

That retro heavy psych sound is all over ‘Badlands,’ and it is refreshing to hear it all over again.

Vannon – Desert of Our Dreams

It is exactly that movement through various heavy metal variations that make ‘Desert of Our Dreams’ an interesting and engaging listen, even for those listeners that only occasionally venture into heavy metal.

Gustaf – Audio Drag For Ego Slobs

On ‘Audio Drag For Ego Slobs’ it all clicks (and pops) exactly as it seems it should.

Smoke Bellow – Open For Business

‘Open for Business’ sounds like a sparse combination between ‘Remain In Light’ era Talking Heads and any phase Yo La Tengo, the two bands never made but Smoke Bellow did.

Drowning Effect – Technoculture

Drowning Effect does combine various strands of the sounds they like, particularly all strands of heavy and psych, in to something that sounds their own.

Black Reuss – Metamorphosis

‘Metamorphosis’ sounds exactly as it was intended – a black metal album with varying ideas and musical presentation.

Children Collide – Time Itself

‘Time Itself’ actually blurs the line between all the sounds ‘then’ into a sound that is ‘now.’

Machinefabriek – Re: Moving (Music For Choreographies By Yin Yue)

In combination with Zuydervelt’s usual concept of making incongruous sounds work exactly in the opposite direction, it makes ‘Re: Moving’ an exciting listening experience just as is, without the dance performances it was initially created for.


It is that dance-inducing ‘motorik,’ constant movement, enveloped in a quite heavy dose of psych that makes ‘De Película’ work its charms. With ease.

Connor Kissel – Forest of Things Lost and Found

‘Forest of Things Lost and Found’ certainly is not a light-hearted listen, but one that can bring quite a few rewards.

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