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Duck Explosion?.....seriously guys? No seriously, Duck Explosion, really? That's the bands name? Fuck me!!! I've stared at the name now on screen here for 15 minutes actually scared to press play. I'm intrigued and afraid of what I'm about to hear. Judging by the name it's gonna be a real Marmite moment isn't it.

Fuck it. Play.

Hang on a minute, this is good, no this is really, really good. Absolutely no hint of that either love it or hate it shit here. It's a four track EP Zebra Pilot and every one of the songs is great. Think fIREHOSE, Fugazi and Hater (the side project of Matt Cameron and Ben Sheppard of Soundgarden) and you wouldn't be far of the mark style wise. These guys from France sure know how to deliver short, sharp, punchy songs that really rock. Track 1 'No Way Out' is a great tune to open the EP. However track 2 'In The Inside' is my favourite song on Zebra Pilot with a great chorus that is now etched into my brain and I can guarantee that I'll be singing this for ages.



Track 3 'Lie To Me' again another catchy hook with a great little breakdown and chorus where the guys claim to "have lost their mojo", luckily it hasn't affected the ability to write fantastic tunes. Finally track 4 'Top Of The World' is just another great song from the guys.

I don't want the review to be about the name but as it's normally the first thing we see but I very nearly passed on this EP and would have really missed a great band... I wonder how many other people didn't press play? I really hope the guys re-evaluate the name as I don't think it will do them any favours in trying to get taken seriously and I genuinely think they do deserve to be taken seriously.

So a short review of a great 4 track EP from a band (with in my opinion) a pretty shit name. No point trying to fill a space just for the sake of it as it would do the spirit of Zebra Pilot a disservice with its no frills, no fat, just great post-hardcore songs. Do not let the name fool you, just press play and you'll see.

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