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Out on January 17th through

ConSouling Sounds

Slithering into motion with an elongated, distorted hiss and the clattering pulses of a piano, Dyodyo Asema crawls forward like a fissure in the Earth's crust yawning vengefully to reveal that there is such a thing as Hell.

Truly dark and thoroughly disturbing, this collaborative effort between Gnaw Their Tongues and Alkerdeel leers forth in celebration of Belgian label ConSouling Sounds' fifth anniversary. What better way to rejoice than release something that sounds like an unimaginable darkness consuming the entire planet in one slick, fell swoop? Now where did I put my black party hat covered in disfigured skulls? Seems only appropriate

This masterpiece is a full nineteen minutes of horrifying, unadulterated evil any sick fiend could ever ask for. The bright yellow artwork for the release does kinda throw you off as to how disgustingly black and harrowing it really is, which all adds to the whole experience in my opinion. I honestly could ramble on for a good while painting a picture of how foul yet fantastic this joint endeavour is but you really do need to check this out for yourself.

Fuck a Jesus, I literally couldn't vomit up my own spinal column as any kind of challenge to this beast.

FFO: Khanate, The Axis Of Perdition, Meth Drinker.

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