Burning Full Throttle

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Released 15th November 2013 via


Back in 2006 I went to Hungary. I got off the train at Keleti train station in Budapest and walked outside to see a tank roaring across the front square, soldiers running behind it firing tear gas from grenade launchers at protestors coming the other way throwing molotovs. A local guy with a mightily impressive beard turned to me and rumbled a “Welcome to Budapest” as he necked from a bottle of Unicum (known as the ‘Hungarian National Accelerator’). A very rock way to arrive into a city, and the first thing I thought of when I heard this album.

Burning Full Throttle hail from Hungary and their Facebook proudly proclaims "A tetovált szerelőlányok leghallgatottabb zenekara!"… Amen boys, amen. If you like big, fuzzy guitars, stoner rock, drive rock and good tunes then grab this album. They obviously love the classics, such as Kyuss, Fu Manchu and the like, with an Eastern European twist that seems to give it a little fresh kick in the pants. This album is all Gibson SG’s, Explorers and fuzz pedals – and it’s glorious.

The album opens with ‘The One To Blame’, a rollicking, urgent number that sets the scene for the rest of the release, with thudding bass, question and answer guitars in the left and right channels and some nice thumping drums… Along with vocals that I can best describe as ‘an angry Cookie Monster’. Seriously, listen to this track and get that mental image. You’re welcome. If this is Cookie Monster when he’s pissed off I NEVER want to hear him happy. It’s growling, guttural, melodic and has more balls than Elton John’s chin. I love it.

Next up is ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘The Flight’, my two favourite tracks off the album. These tracks are straight out of the classic stoner rock mould, a sense of urgency combined with some warbling bass, offbeat powerful drumming and some simply classic guitar solo noodling that’s gone before you know it and leaving you wanting more. It’s just the right blend of stoner, sludge and melodic, run through a Hungarian filter via America.

‘No Sleep Till Mexico’ was the other standout track for me, with a rocking singalong chorus and a nice little guitar line that will have your foot tapping as you hum along “No Sleep Till Mexicooooooo…”. Then a solo comes in, drenched in late 70’s fuzz and you can picture these guys hammering over Elisabeth Bridge at 4 in the morning, blasting out their favourite songs as they drive home from rehearsal. And that’s great. Sometimes it’s nice to run something you know really well through another country’s filter and see what comes out, and in this instance it’s a win.

So you should all go and get this album if this sounds like you… IT’S FREE. This album rocks and my biggest complaint is that it’s under 30 minutes long. I could listen to double this length and still want more from these boys. It’s a great slice of stoner/drive goodness, and should definitely put a smile on your face. It’s fast, fun, produced well and did I mention it’s free?

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