By: Jeremiah Nelson

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Released on September 12, 2014 via Debemur Morti Productions

Ævangelist is kind of my deal. I love the extreme evil and waves of horror that Matron Thorn and Ascaris create. Their first EP came out in 2011, with their first full-length album De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis following less than a year later. The duo released another EP and an LP in 2013. They have returned this year with Writhes in the Murk, their darkest album yet.

Writhes in the Murk is Ævangelist doing what they do best, playing a mix of death metal, black metal, and industrial with a touch of jazz and a saxophone. I know that sounds batshit insane. It pretty much is. Their brand of metal is extreme in an almost inaccessible way. I think that’s kind of the point. Ævangelist doesn’t want you to enjoy what you’re listening to. Writhes in the Murk will strip the flesh from your bones and any shred of emotion from your soul.

This album takes a little different turn than their previous records. The soul-shredding feel is the same throughout the 59-minute journey that is Writhes in the Murk, but Ævangelist has changed the nature of their assault. This album has more grit and less atmosphere than some of their previous releases. Last year’s Omen Ex Simulacra has a constant undertone that makes the album feel like the soundtrack to hell. Writhes in the Murk feels…dirty. It’s gritty, while still clinging to the sense of despair and general creepy evil that we expect from Ævangelist.

The songs are more distinguishable as separate songs this time around. ‘Hosanna’ has some great chugging riffs around 2:10. ‘Harken to the Flesh’ has some death metal guitar work. The final track ‘Writhes In The Murk’ is a 9:25 journey that starts off slow and haunting, building into hazy, discordant riffs. Overall there’s less noise and more riffs than any of Ævangelist’s previous albums. That doesn’t make this album a riff-fest by, any means. It’s more palatable than anything that the band has done before, but that doesn’t mean that it’s palatable in the slightest.

Writhes in the Murk makes you work. You should know this about Ævangelist by now. This is extreme; this is disgusting; this is the wastelands, the outer desert of metal. It’s not a fun place to be. That’s why I love it.

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