By: Ross Mckendrick

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Released on May 15, 2015 via Dry Cough Records / Raw Birth Records

Leechfeast might be the first band I’ve ever heard from Slovenia, which must be a pretty fucking bleak place judging by the horrifically nasty sludge on offer on their split with New Zealand’s premier toxic export Meth Drinker.

Their track, ‘Aimless’, begins with the obligatory feedback, soon joined by a bludgeoning ultraslow riff. Interestingly, they eschew the typical turpentine-gargling rasping vocals in favour of a distant droning chant, at least for the first few bars. After a few repetitions of the same riff the track title begins to feel a little too apt, but they switch gears just in time with a downright nasty chugging bastard of a riff.

By now you know what you’re getting with Meth Drinker, and that’s the foulest, rawest sludge since the genre’s heyday. Seriously, everything they’ve put out to date sounds like a lost gem found lurking between the Grief and Buzzov*en LPs in some burnout’s junk-strewn basement, and their latest  offering is no different.

The appropriately-titled ‘Sewer’ is a ten-minute trudge through the filthiest, brownest noises you can make with just guitar, bass, drums and throat. If you’re looking for variations in tempo, sweeping solos, or even a hint of melody, tough shit. What you will get is pure suffering in aural form. There is no relief, no escape… at least until the track ends and you place the record back in the shelf, fearing the day you pull it back out again.

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