Interview: Bruxa Maria

Gill Rodgers from Bruxa Maria sent me the album in January, I stuck it on and it floored me. I don’t think any album has taken me by suprise to that extent all year. Since then they’ve played Cosmic Carnage twice and I just fucking love them and Gill is an out and out legend.

(((o))): Hi Gill, how are you?

I’m well… Just a bit tired from driving Part Chimp and Hey Colossus. It was a short trip to Mainland Europe but touring in the cold can really take it out of you sometimes. All very worth while though.. Part Chimp and Hey Colossus are such amazing bands. I particularly love seeing them play Magasin4 in Brussels… great venue, and a home from home these days. Gotta pick up Death Pedals in a bit and drive them to Southampton.

(((o))): Bruxa Maria have seemingly come from nowhere, how long have you been a band?

I guess we have been an actual band for a year.. as in rehearsing to play live. Prior to that Bruxa Maria was all in my head waiting to bust out… with the help of my good friends and amazing musicians Ben Dawson (drums), Will Elvin (bass), Seamus O’Hooligan (bass), and Wayne Pennell (recorded and produced the album) we got it recorded. Then came the time to find musicians to play the shit live as not everyone on the record could commit their time to another band. Luckily we found Alessandro Elisei (drums) and Mark Dicker on synth.

(((o))): What are your songs about? Would you say you’re a political band?

I’d say we are a punk band, so in a sense we are political but not in a patronising way of rattling off statistics and telling people how to be… which i saw happen in the 90s. With the album being called ‘Human Condition’, the songs do have that theme… Humans are animals with base level, animal, survival instincts of selfishness and manipulation.. People like to think that we as humans are above this… but to me this is where lessons don’t get learnt….. and the horrors of what Human beings are capable of, just repeat themselves. Individualism is so successful because it appeals to this selfish, base level human behaviour and excuses it.

I have also had many a rant in defense of Religion. I am proper lefty and would not describe myself as Religious, but the ridiculous, hypocritical, attack you get on Religion from the left in particular, just fries my head.

Freedom of speech and creative thought is key to all of us… To say ‘no religion no war’ is a ridiculous simplification, and to compare it to Science makes no sense. Having faith is about dealing with NOT knowing… and NOT having control over everything and living with that, with out going insane….. Humans are very egotistical creatures and we struggle when we are not in control. Religion, (like business and Politics) is a vehicle that can be used for immense good and well and immense bad…It’s not the vehicle that is the problem, it’s the type of Human driving that vehicle that is the problem.

I wrote the lyrics out as an insert for the LP so people can read the lyrics if they want to….. But I am more than happy if people are content just to rock out to the riffs too. My job is to write riffs not preach.

(((o))): Apparently you have a split coming up with Casual Nun, how’s that sounding?

In a word BRUTAL!! It was great to record with Wayne Adams. We had a lot of fun.

(((o))): You drive bands all around. Europe, any funny shit gone down this year?

To be honest I’m not sure that the funniest moments translate… as they are often at the point of when people have gone a bit delirious and start to lose their mind and end up crying with laughter.

I have a game we play when stuck in traffic (Arabrot learnt this game from American band Rabbits)
….. you spot different models of a car and then put the word ‘Anal’ before it…. eg.

Anal Galaxy
Anal Focus
Anal Master
Anal Golf
Anal transporter……….

and so on…..
when you have been driving for hours, stuck in traffic and loosing your mind, it’s the gift that keeps giving…. hard to believe but it’s true.

My favourite and funniest co pilots are probably:

Nikolai (Palehorse) – this guy had me crying laughing at points… quality banter and helpful satnav back up

Rhys Aka Rhyses Pieces (Hey Colossus) – this guy is never warm enough… he has good tunes though, cracks me up and is also very helpful.

Charlie Whoolley (Ghold merch man and full time Metaler) – as a fellow Art wanker, we put the world to rights well… even if I do have to listen to Manowar after every show.

Magnus (Arabrot) – Reminds me just how immature I am capable of being.. and always managed to make me laugh when carrying something fucking heavy!!

And Just utter legends:

Kjetil Nernes
Guro Moe

Meeting both of them were a proper meeting of minds for me and incredibly inspiring.

(((o))): What was the best gig you played in 2016?

They were all good fun…. but I particularly enjoyed playing Nottingham Chameleon Arts Cafe, and The gig with Sly and SexSwing in London… It’s great to have Mark Dicker playing with us. He gels it all together which gives me more confidence in our performance. Plus I get to put the guitar down and perform the track Human Condition which is fun for me.

(((o))): Best gig you attended?

Ever? Jane’s Addiction – Astoria 1990. They have not dated well… but seeing them play live back then, they were absolutely mind blowing.


The Body, Arabrot, Hey Colossus, and Hotel Wrecking City Traders.
It was put on by Cacophonous Sarcophagus in the Church of St Thomas The Martyr, Bristol. April 2014.

I was so chuffed to be driving Arabrot on that tour, and for them to playing with The Body and Hey Colossus… it was
like all my Christmas’ and Birthdays all in one.

Most recently:

Part Chimp and Hey Colossus at Magasin4

(((o))): Best festival?

Super Normal,

Raw Power,

Boomtown (for a lickle bit of raving)

(((o))): What albums released from 2016 have you enjoyed?

The Body – No one deserves Happiness

Palehorse – Looking Wet in Public

(Both feel good albums of the year then – Rich)

and also the Ghold and Casual Nun albums.

(((o))): What the hell are you up to next year?

Driving Ghold to Spain…
Driving Casual Nun to RoadBurn…

Promoting the new release we will have in Spring with Casual Nun on Hominid sounds. Hopefully recording a split with God Unknown records. I would like us to have a new album recorded by the end of 2017 to release 2018…

I think that’s doable!!!

Photo by Jose Ramon Caamaño

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