List by Martyrdöd

Release date: November 25, 2016
Label: Southern Lord

Swedish band Martyrdöd returned November 2016 to release their sixth full length, List on Southern Lord Records. For the last 15 years, Martyrdöd has been known for their in-your-face guitar solos, crusty vocals, d-beat drums, and that well known metal distortion.

List provides a mash up of all kinds of different genres, which makes this album very unique and easy to like by many people. I would recommend this album to any of my friends who like all different genres, or anyone who plays metal/punk guitar.

I can’t decide what my favorite part is though. The vocals are screeching with emotion that is fully inspired by old crust punk and hardcore that has a timeless sense. All the while, the drums are so d-beat, it’s the perfect sound to bang your head to, or slam dance in the pit, yet the guitars are so intricate and to the point. It is a mix of really great song parts that come together in one, unifying sound.

The beginning of the 10 song album, starts with ‘Överlevaren’ – a hyper-intense song with screeching backing guitars over the vocals to really prove a point. It’s one of the best d-beat songs I have heard in a while.; crusty, yet produced well. It’s a great sound I am looking forward to; hoping other bands in the future will be inspired by this type of “unclean” sound, yet a production value that was made for vinyl.

Getting into the middle of the record, the pace changes and some songs are more ‘punk’ than others which are more ‘black metal-esq’. The third song, ‘Wipeout’, is obviously named for its fast guitar licks and solos that creep up throughout the song – almost in an 80’s hair metal sense. This time, it’s anything but cheesy.

‘Drömtid’ breaks up the middle of the album and brings you to the end with an acoustic bass and guitar interlude. European in flavor, it sounds to me like a Medieval era lament. A really nice way to reign in a bit of history and again, a break up from all the fast punk and metal this album provides.

List is a great album and a heavy hitter for lots of top of 2016 lists. If you have not checked it out yet, I welcome you to. Especially if you love all metal and crust punk. It’s a great mix.

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