Screaming For Change by Uniform Choice

Release date: January 20, 2017
Label: Southern Lord Records

Having been out of print for numerous years and only a few low quality bootlegs kicking around, Uniform Choice frontman Pat Dubar contacted Southern Lord about putting out their seminal album Screaming For Change. The album is already legendary in hardcore circles, but this remastered version will give a new legion of fans a chance to take the album to their hearts.

Originally released in 1986, it was immediately recognised as an important part of straight edge hardcore and Uniform Choice were one of the first straight edge bands from the West Coast and following on from the Minor Threat blueprint alongside East Coast bands like Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and the whole Youth Crew movement, they ushered in a new wave of hardcore.

The album still sounds great today with its urgent energy and positive lyrics still as relevant today as when it was first released with the music flying intensely by as Dubar barks his lyrics like a man possessed.

Tracks like ‘Straight And Alert’, ‘Once I Cry’, ‘Scream To Say’ and the albums title track are not just hardcore anthems, but calls to arms and it is right that a new generation should be discovering them and their message. But even for someone who is not straight edge, the album stands out as a grand moment in hardcore as it doesn’t come across as preachy at all more positive and the energy contained within can’t be ignored.

It is that raw energy on the album that remains intact and the remastering only enhances the originals sound a bit as the power was there to begin with and the album sounds really just as fresh today, which is impressive considering it was first released three decades ago!

Screaming For Change is packed full of anthems and has quite a varied sound on the album from the straight ahead fury of ‘Build To Break’ and the hardcore vigour of ‘Big Man, Small Mind’ to the furious soloing in ‘No Thanks’ and the low slung groove of ‘In Time’, the album is a furious ball of positivity from start to finish.

As the album concludes with the impassioned spoken word outro of ‘Silenced’, it strikes you how important this record was and continues to be and Southern Lord and the band themselves should be applauded for bringing this classic album back out and allowing it to be heard once again as it should be heard. Turn up loud, embrace and enjoy.

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