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T. Griffin – The Proposal

Dark, brooding, and very intriguing.

Refused – The Malignant Fire

The Malignant Fire comes from the same place as The The Shape Of Punk To Come spiritually and sonically.


It is dream pop of the highest order, crystalline, hazy, and mysterious, dominated by singer Misty Mary’s gauzy vocals and slow, warm washes of keyboards and synths. You can use many words to describe their sound, but your impressions may change as you become immersed in their exquisitely crafted music.

Black Stone Cherry – The Human Condition

Some fans may miss the gospel and good times of the bands more Southern rock stylings and the ultra-polished production won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but those issues shouldn’t stop hard rockers of any persuasion appreciating a very fine classic rock album.

Nick Soulsby – Lydia Lunch: THE WAR IS NEVER OVER

It’s a fine and entertaining book, capturing something of Lunch’s powerful impact and a wider sense of a New York underground long gone.

10000 Russos – Kompromat

More than anything, 10000 Russos make you feel alive and if that’s not worth the price of admission then you need to ask yourself serious questions.

Under the Influence with The Side Project

The Side Project takes on the classical concept of a saxophone quartet and pairs it with drums, bass, and soul singers to create their edgy and irresistible sound.The band was started in 2013 by Eyal Hai, Alto player and lead arranger for the group. He …

Video Premiere: BIINDS – Ne’er-do-wells

BIINDS’ new album Breaking the Omen has been on repeat play here at E&D Towers so we are very excited to be able to bring you the video for another track to be taken from it. This performance is an alternate version of the studio version. Fans of M …

Morton Valence – Bob & Veronica’s Great Escape

Warm and lush, filled with swooning songs of regret and renewal.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Irk – Life Changing Porno

Following the release of their debut album Recipes from the Bible in December, Leeds 3 piece Irk who make ugly, angular, noise-fused, math rock, consisting of drums, bass, and vocals have shared the final video from their Technoir Productions live …


I wouldn’t exactly say it’s instrumental rock for people who don’t like that sort of thing, but there is certainly enough great music here to make them stand out from the crowd

Canan Rosén – 1 Weekend + 12 Musicians = Riot Grrrl Sessions!

I think the separatist take on the project made it easier for everyone to feel safe and focus on being creative rather than spending energy on claiming your space as a musician etc. We could get to work immediately so to speak.

Eternal Fortress – Enchanted Woods of Sorrow

With its culmination of dungeon synth and epic black metal, ‘Enchanted Woods of Sorrow’ is an easy recommendation for long time fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

Yana Raymi: Peruvian pagan heroes

Guido Segers asked Jhon Castro Cancho, guitarist of Peruvian folk metal band Yana Raymi about their history, the history of their region and music.

Laraaji – Sun Gong & Bring On The Sun

Two new slabs of celestial joy, courtesy of New York’s legendary practitioner of sound healing and heavy laughter.

Fanatism – The Future Past

If you have any inclination towards mind-bending music then this album must certainly lie at the top of your wishlist. Not content with taking you on a trip, Fanatism also want to turn your mind inside out whist doing so.

The Third Sound – All Tomorrow’s Shadows

This is not paint by numbers paisley psych, rather, it hovers at the edges of Kraut rock and has a somewhat Motorik feel in some passages.

Grandbrothers with support from Kelpe

Grandbrothers, KelpeThe Village Underground, London, 10.04.2018 Photos by Robin Ono Please do not use the photos without the photographer’s permission.

Under The Influence with Drew from Often The Thinker

We only became aware of Often The Thinker with the release of this year’s magnificent Better Part Of Vice but 1st December 2017 marks the 10th anniversary since the release of their first album History. To mark the occasion they’ve set their entire cat …

Wound – Clinomania

Clinomania is an album that lives up to its name; whether blissfully killing a Sunday chilling bed, totally wired in the bunk with friends or paralysed with dread chained to the furniture, this album chose a befitting sobriquet to unveil to us some of the brilliance of Wound.

Lee Ranaldo – Electric Trim

With Electric Trim, Lee Ranaldo brings together the experimental and traditional aspects of his songwriting in an album which is perfectly balanced and extremely accessible. It’s an excellent, accomplished record, which nevertheless could perhaps do with just a little of the raucous noise of his Sonic Youth days.

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