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Swervedriver – 99th Dream

If you missed this album the first time like I did, run out and get this straight away. Superb work from a band who came back to us in a big way!

Greg Lake – Magical

Lake’s work will continue to inspire many generations who are discovering his work for the first time.

Motorpsycho – Yay!

They let their fans know that their more than just a heavy, psychedelic band. But they proved themselves that they also have a softer side as well. It might divide a line in the sand, but that’s for another time.

Arjen Lucassen’s Supersonic Revolution – Golden Age of Music

For his next chapter, he brings in the big guns and raises hell like there’s no tomorrow with his band of brothers.

Dick Lucas from Subhumans

Gavin Brown had a chat with Subhumans vocalist Dick Lucas about the band’s new box set, a new book on the band, those early days and the future of Subhumans and much more.

Shit Present – What Still Gets Me

Iona cairns’ words flow in deceptively simple phrases often bearing sharp moments of recognition that can cut you.

Thecondontion / Ceremented – Split

Both bands attempt to push the envelope of death doom with their strict no-guitars mantra, delivering a crushing split release of bass-only reverence and subversion.

Scotch Rolex and Shackleton – Death By Tickling

Shackleton’s hallucinatory bass-murk meets the playful absurdist spirit of Scotch Rolex on a fun house glide.

Lankum – False Lankum

False Lankum is a magnum opus; a supreme musical achievement that anyone at all interested in music should have square on their radar in 2023.

Moonage Daydream

This documentary is to be played at maximum volume.

Clovis Taylor from Headswim

Gavin Brown caught up with Headswim bass player Clovis Taylor to get the inside story of the redux edition of ‘Flood’, the band’s live return  and the history of Headswim.

The Limiñanas – Electrified (Best of 2009-2022)

Listening to these songs as a collection, you realise what lies behind the high quality of music The Limiñanas are creating – the music, recalling all the great moments of the sixties psych pop from all over.

Sam Prekop & John McEntire – Sons Of

The duo was able to fit their improvisations within the musical structures they developed previously, giving the four extended musical pieces here both a head and a tail, or to be more precise, turning improvisations into tight and exciting structured musical pieces.

Ben Craven – Monsters from the Id

Monsters from the Id is Ben’s imaginative sci-fi opera that has been brought to life on the big screen in IMAX form.

Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena – West Kensington

Essentially, with ‘West Kensington’ Lattimore and Sukeena enable their listeners to recollect, memorise and enjoy.

Kyle Beam from Undeath

Gavin Brown caught up with Undeath guitarist Kyle Beam to talk about their new album and a multitude of other things including their recent album launch, brewing their own beer, horror movies, music in their Rochester hometown and killer death metal merch.

Poia, Urlo and Levre from Ufomammut

Gavin Brown talked to Ufomammut about their new album ‘Fenice’, new sound and what it means for Ufomammut to be back making and releasing music again.

T. Griffin – The Proposal

Dark, brooding, and very intriguing.

Refused – The Malignant Fire

The Malignant Fire comes from the same place as The The Shape Of Punk To Come spiritually and sonically.


It is dream pop of the highest order, crystalline, hazy, and mysterious, dominated by singer Misty Mary’s gauzy vocals and slow, warm washes of keyboards and synths. You can use many words to describe their sound, but your impressions may change as you become immersed in their exquisitely crafted music.

Black Stone Cherry – The Human Condition

Some fans may miss the gospel and good times of the bands more Southern rock stylings and the ultra-polished production won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but those issues shouldn’t stop hard rockers of any persuasion appreciating a very fine classic rock album.

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