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Perpetual Flame Volume 2

The final ever gigs of LINGUA IGNOTA were in London. Sinner, get ready to cry.

Death Pill • TsuShiMaMiRe and more – The Lexington, London

Ukrainian feminist fortitude and fury delivered in a righteous, riotous punk gig in baking London.

Desertfest London 2023 – Sunday

Acid Mammoth, Bloodswamp, WALL and Warren Schoenbright: just four of the highlights of Chris Keith-Wright’s mnorable final day at Desert Fest.

Desertfest London, 2023 – Friday

It’s that time of year again – Desertfest returns to take over London, or, rather, much of Camden. . . for three days there’s yet another noticeable jump in black t-shirts with unintelligible logos, long hair being whipped around by London’s changeable climate, and the smell of… umm… y’know… freedom?  Yes, it’s that time again, and everyone couldn’t be happier.

Preview: Desertfest London – Sunday, May 7

BORIS, Blood Ceremony, King Buffalo… Chris Keith-Wright previews Desertfest London’s finale and finds a bunch of bands with a B in their name merit A+++

Preview: Desertfest London – Friday, May 5

Desertfest is back and that slow doomy beat from The Black Heart can be felt all over Camden. Chris Keith-Wright gives us his Friday Top Ten…

Caroline Polachek – Eventim Apollo

The album launch for Caroline Polachek’s superb sophomore LP on Valentine’s Day, no less…  Love truly was in the air. 

GEL • Cold Brats – New Cross Inn, London

GEL play a triumphant show preceding the release of their debut album, Only COnstant. The Freaks Will Inherit the Earth!

GEL – Only Constant

Is it hyperbole that GEL could be this generation’s Nirvana for hardcore punk? I don’t think so.

Dawn Ray’d – The Lexington, London

On the album launch for their third LP, To Know the Light, Dawn Ray’d add fuel to the fire and convince more to join their thoughtful black metal cohort.

Thecondontion / Ceremented – Split

Both bands attempt to push the envelope of death doom with their strict no-guitars mantra, delivering a crushing split release of bass-only reverence and subversion.

At the Altar of the Horned God – Heart of Silence

An album that feels ambitious and grand in sound and execution, while maintaining a primitive and emotional intimacy. 

Lankum – False Lankum

False Lankum is a magnum opus; a supreme musical achievement that anyone at all interested in music should have square on their radar in 2023.

Spirit Possession – Of The Sign…

An occult love letter to the genesis of black metal written in demented spirals of keys and synths, unhinged vocals and with tortured percussion.

black midi residency – Village Underground, London

Do black midi dislike their fans? It would be entirely justified…

Shores of Null – The Loss of Beauty

The Italian’s fourth album fails to live up to the progression evidenced on their celebrated previous masterpiece.

Ulthar – Helionomicon

This record is the ward confined, bed bound, astral projecting, clinically and criminally deranged relation to ‘Anthronomicon’.

Ulthar – Anthronomicon

It’s no exaggeration to make the case that Ulthar are one of the bands at the very forefront of the ongoing glorious reawakening of death metal.

Kayo Dot • Maud the moth – Signature Brew, London

Kayo Dot triumph as they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their daring, influential debut album, Choirs of the Eye’.

Tithe – Inverse Rapture

If you’re after some supreme underground extreme metal, unrelenting in focus and pace, then you need to get Tithe on your radar and Inverse Rapture assaulting your ears.

Death Pill – Death Pill

Death Pill are a hardcore punk trio that have likely never acknowledge, maybe not even have heard of the term ‘frills’ when it comes to heavy music.

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