Yay! by Motorpsycho

Release date: June 16, 2023
Label: Stickman Records

Throughout their sonic-exploring headphone adventures from Heavy Metal Fruit, Still Life with Eggplant, The Crucible, and Here be Monsters, Motorpsycho are taking a little break from their voyage and make an acoustically-based album entitled Yay! Now understand, they’re not selling out. Selling out is where you would do a commercial for Coca-Cola with the Kardashians, up and centre. Motorpsycho? They don’t play that shit.

While they’ve taken listeners far and beyond across our universe, it was time for them to branch out into a ‘60s pop-orientated sound, watching the sun come up, and starting a brand new day. And with Reine Fiske and Melody Echo Chamber’s Lars Fredrik Swahn handling the production levels for Yay!, it becomes a combination like no other.

And for nearly 34 years, Motorpsycho’s music will keep you on the edge of your seat. The ‘Patterns’ have a murky-navigation that answers the question on where the future will look like in the 22nd century with its ascending Floydian textures and Beach Boy harmonisation by sliding across the landscapes.

‘Dank State’ has a tap-dancing rhythm section thanks to Järmyr’s percussion routine as Sæther goes into a Marshall Tucker Band arrangement, followed by The Doobie Brothers’ ‘Black Water’ that comes to mind. You can just close your eyes and imagine Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers dancing to the song in the 1935 movie, Top Hat.


‘Real Again’ sees the situation of the pandemic, reaching its breaking point. The acoustic crisp has a sense of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel while ‘Loch Meaningless & The Mull of Dull’ (sounds like a Ren & Stimpy short when you hear a title like that, mind you.) reaches an acid-folk structure of reuniting with your loved one you haven’t seen for a long, long time.

Then, they return to symphonic form on ‘Hotel Daedalus’ by going towards a lullaby orientation. Combining Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti-era and channeling Wilco’s lyrical textures by reaching the highest mountains, with a twist of Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. Fiske and Ryan share an incredible duet on their guitar work in the final climax of the song with an incredible string arrangement.

‘Sentinels’ sees Motorpsycho going into a tropicalia, bossa-nova groove, ascending its beauty, witnessing the landscapes of Bahia, Brazil which was artistically descripted in the 1944 Disney live-action / animated film, The Three Caballeros. Yay! has proven to be another accomplishment that Motorpsycho has achieved.

They let their fans know that their more than just a heavy, psychedelic band. But they proved themselves that they also have a softer side as well. It might divide a line in the sand, but that’s for another time.

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