Elizabeth Klisiewicz


I am a lifelong fan of music, and started delving into more unusual forms in my teens. Though the classics (Beatles, Stones) have always informed my tastes, I built my passion for music on those early influences. First it was hard rock and metal in the 70s and early 80s, then it morphed into folk rock, punk, psychedelia, post punk, shoegaze, and dream pop. I also enjoy synth pop, classical, jazz, electronic, post rock, and ambient music. I currently host a radio show on Eardrumbuzz Radio and also contribute to this site and Big Takeover Magazine (print and web).

Articles by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Breathless – See These Colours Fly

In listening through this record, I am struck by its shimmering beauty, tranquil spirit, and sense of space. It is exactly the sort of listening experience I need during these terribly chaotic times.

Shearwater – The Great Awakening

Recommended for fans of exquisitely rendered experimental rock.

POLIÇA – Madness

POLIÇA has succeeded in offering listeners a compelling and dreamlike work of excellence. Highly recommended for fans of trippy electronica and for anyone who has followed the group to date.

Maida Rose – Tales of Adolescence

A beautiful release to savor for all dream pop enthusiasts.

Beachheads – Beachheads II

Highly recommended for all fans of power pop a la Shoes, REM, Translator, and many others, and for those who love highly melodic and meaningful music.

Killing Joke – Lord of Chaos EP

This new EP is their first new work in 7 years, and while you can definitely hear the progression in their sound, all the hallmarks of their early sound are firmly in place.

The Boo Radleys – Keep On With Falling

This is a solid effort from an established group that long-time listeners will appreciate, as well as anyone who savours well-crafted pop.

Guided By Voices – Crystal Nuns Cathedral

Recommended for all Robert Pollard and GBV fans. And for anyone who is intrigued by complex arrangements and occasionally arcane lyrics.

Howless – To Repel Ghosts

This is a lovely record from a talented new group. I hope they are with us for many years if this record is evidence of what they are capable of.

Dead Horse One – When Love Runs Dry EP

Recommended for all fans of melodic grunge, shoegaze, psych, and dream pop, and for anyone who has followed Dead Horse One to date.

Blushing – Possessions

All fans of shoegaze, dream pop, and psych should pick up this release. It is a sonic delight for the senses!

A Place to Bury Strangers – See Through You

This incendiary album will liven up your playlist and should not be missed by lovers of shoegaze and noise pop.

Black Marble – Fast Idol

His lovely, laid back synth pop stretches back stylistically to the days of OMD, Pet Shop Boys, and other bands of that ilk. Elegant turns of phrase and warmly suffusing electronics are characteristic of those old bands, as well as Stewart’s work as Black Marble.

Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell

The record was performed live with virtually no overdubs and it has an intimacy that will please fans. Brilliantly performed and written and highly recommended

HOO – We Shall Never Speak

This music is unlike anything I’ve heard in recent years. Combine the space rock of Spaceman Three with the dream pop dynamics of Slowdive and you may have an inkling of what this sounds like.

Pink Milk – Ultraviolet

Listen on headphones to gain an appreciation for the nuances in this recording. A dark but somewhat hopeful album from these fine purveyors of doomgaze.

Slow Crush – Hush

It is darkly shaded music, coloured in part by the menacing edges of the pandemic. A really good shoegaze album from a promising Belgian project.

Pliocene – Get Up + Live Forever

“Recommended for those who need to chill out, Daysleepers fans, fans of Hammock and Boards of Canada, and anyone who appreciates dreamy ambient pop.”

ACTORS – Acts of Worship

“Vancouver post-punk project ACTORS has just released another stellar album, swirling with dark harmonics and shrouded in mystery. Evoking everyone from New Order to Roxy Music but sounding solely like themselves, the group has a real penchant for dance beats and catchy melodies.”

Semihelix – Recoil

“Semihelix is a delectable Austin dream pop outfit, and Recoil is a sonic confection that will please even the most jaded of listeners.”

Lucid Express – Lucid Express

Their brand of dreamgazing goodness is airy and cleanly produced, and though the vocals hide a bit behind hazy musical passages, eventually the sun comes out and the light bends around the flowery notes that mask the singer.

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