Elizabeth Klisiewicz


I am a lifelong fan of music, and started delving into more unusual forms in my teens. Though the classics (Beatles, Stones) have always informed my tastes, I built my passion for music on those early influences. First it was hard rock and metal in the 70s and early 80s, then it morphed into folk rock, punk, psychedelia, post punk, shoegaze, and dream pop. I also enjoy synth pop, classical, jazz, electronic, post rock, and ambient music. I currently host a radio show on Eardrumbuzz Radio and also contribute to this site and Big Takeover Magazine (print and web).

Articles by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

ACTORS – Acts of Worship

“Vancouver post-punk project ACTORS has just released another stellar album, swirling with dark harmonics and shrouded in mystery. Evoking everyone from New Order to Roxy Music but sounding solely like themselves, the group has a real penchant for dance beats and catchy melodies.”

Semihelix – Recoil

“Semihelix is a delectable Austin dream pop outfit, and Recoil is a sonic confection that will please even the most jaded of listeners.”

Lucid Express – Lucid Express

Their brand of dreamgazing goodness is airy and cleanly produced, and though the vocals hide a bit behind hazy musical passages, eventually the sun comes out and the light bends around the flowery notes that mask the singer.

Lightning Bug – A Color of the Sky

This ethereal music is a seamless mélange of dream pop, folk rock, and orchestral pop.

Justin Sullivan – Surrounded

Once again, Justin is delving deep into the sea and elements of nature, applying a poetic slant to his always meaningful lyrics.

New Candys – Vyvyd

Who needs to drop acid when you have music like this to take you there instantly?

Tombstones In Their Eyes – Looking for a Light

Looking for A Light represents a slight stylistic shift in musical direction. Its melodies are burnished with a greater sheen, but the band’s trademark fuzz still surrounds their work on all sides.

Lunar Bird – S/T

Cardiff, Wales dream poppers Lunar Bird deliver a relaxing experience with their melange of dream pop and psych.

Triptides – Alter Echoes

This sprightly new offering is icing on the delectable psych pop they excel at.

Flyying Colours – Fantasy Country

They’ve tapped into the psych gaze genre in a big way. It is inherently part of their cheery sound, music for a long drive or a sunny day at the beach.

Claude – Enactor

An intriguing release that is in lockstep with the events of the past year, and all fans of minimalist dream pop and indie rock will enjoy it.

The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings

Some may compare them to Low or Spiritualized, but you could cut and paste in any number of psych bands with dreamy elements, and you’d be on point.

White Flowers – Within a Dream

This is a fine EP from a promising young group. I hope to see a lot more from them.

Luluc – Dreamboat

It is lovely folk noir, and is truly peaceful. Imagine sitting by a slow running stream on a summer’s day and listening to this music float by your ears, and you’ll get an inkling of what to expect. 

Beach Vacation – I Fell Apart

In this year of great loss to many, and even with some darker elements to shut out the light, this music is a balm to the senses. I hope to see lots more from this young group. Recommended for all fans of dreamy, hazy, and haunting soundscapes!

topographies – Ideal Form

They are masters of their musical domain, and this dark marvel of a record is one of the best in this genre you will hear this year. Highly recommended!


It is dream pop of the highest order, crystalline, hazy, and mysterious, dominated by singer Misty Mary’s gauzy vocals and slow, warm washes of keyboards and synths. You can use many words to describe their sound, but your impressions may change as you become immersed in their exquisitely crafted music.

The Bats – Foothills

The Bats are a NZ institution, not only recording for most of their careers on the venerable Flying Nun Records, but also maintaining the same 4 person lineup since their inception in 1982.

Goldmund – The Time It Takes

Every release from Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff is an event. His body of work is incredibly gorgeous and moving, and this new release is no exception. It is mystical, sacred, and an intimate picture of Kenniff’s thought process.

Jupiter Sprites – Holographic

These Olympia, Washington dream poppers created this debut album in the midst of a pandemic, a car accident, and two hospitalizations that nearly ended the band.

Andy Bell – The View From Halfway Down

It is such a pleasant melange of psych pop and electronica. It is like a soft filtered version of his work in Ride (who themselves have softened their musical attack since their early days).

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