Coagulating Darkness by Hellripper

Release date: April 14, 2017
Label: Granite Factory Records / Barbarian Wrath

There are lots of things I like about metal. I love its energy, its fuck you attitude, its absolute, liberating, energising, endorphin-boosting FUCKING LOUDNESS. And the armadillos in its trousers.

I’ve listened to a few things lately that have left me unmoved or managed to downright irritate me. Then, (thank you, Gods of metal) along comes the antidote. Because metal doesn’t disappoint for long. And when it’s good, it’s FUCKING AWESOME.

So… Hellripper. That’s a damn good start. Tick a couple of horns-aloft, Satan-revering boxes with your moniker alone.

‘Bastard of Hades’ is the opener. Brilliant title! Seconds in and we’re riffing, galloping, channeling a majestic lineage from the NWOBHM through the best of thrash, sprinkling some death-growly magic dust on top. I defy you to listen to this without wanting to throw devil horns or, at a bare minimum, wear a grin from ear to ear because this rocks like a bastard. Maybe a bastard like the offspring of Lemmy and Doro Pesch would rock and permanently clad in denim and leather. The very best kind of bastard. A veritable Jon Snow of metal.

‘Anneliese’ is up next. We’re still hurtling down a riff highway on a Harley, wind in the hair. Solos explode like a detonating supernova. ‘(Demdike) In League With The Devil’ continues the Good Work. If there’s any dude a true metal head wants to be in league with, it’s the light-bearing horned one. Hellripper are in a motherfucking premier league with the Devil. Get in!

I could go on, except my words won’t do adequate justice. There’s eight tracks. They’re all brilliant. Coagulating Darkness won’t change the world and won’t save the world. That’s okay because what it WILL do is more than enough. It made me smile. It made me thankful that I love metal. It made me play it again as soon as the first spin ended.

If you love metal you might just love this too.

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