Supremacy of Chaos by Thy Serpent's Cult

Release date: October 23, 2017
Label: Ordo MCM

When bands have been doing what they do best for years, it eventually must end sometime. Lives change, things change, or you just find a point where doing something you loved for so long just becomes a job. I don’t know the reasons behind the split of Thy Serpent’s Cult, but when you have been thrashing yourself to death for nine years…. I am sure a break is needed.

Thy Serpent’s Cult really chose a way to go out though, with their final release Supremacy of Chaos. This album screams, grunts, and thrashes of the old school death metal sound we all know and love. Slow grinding drums, hard hitting bass lines, and screaming technical guitar that goes from 0 to bullet belts in 5 seconds. This is really a great example of South American death metal, which personally I think is the current bar in the old school death metal sound.

Song titles like ‘Pedophiliac Priest’, ‘Into Depths of Hell’, and ‘Satanic Rites of Blood’, you know this album is going to be brutal as hell. If you are going to go out, this is album is a way to go out in fierce elegance. All the songs are technical, well produced, and so sick. I even liked the “Dracula” sample at the beginning of ‘Satanic Rites of Blood’, then the chugging drum and guitar opening.

It’s a shame this band split up, but again, sometimes you have to know when to hang it up. For Thy Serpent’s Cult, they really went out in a full brutal assault, which is how any band should go out.

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