Born of the spontaneous reunion of two bands (Poil and Ni), PinioL (yes, there’s a pun, but you need to know the French slang…!) have, from day one, chosen to occupy a wide spectrum of styles, all of them wild and free (noise, jazz, avant-rock, math) while cultivating  perpetual movement, like only 7 brains can create.

The result is a pleasent surprise: For all it’s adventurousness, Bran Coucou is amazingly accessible and will leave you with the need to see the whole thing live. For the stage is without a doubt the favourite playground of this one-of-a-kind spectacle (accompanied by the sound creations of Florian Bardet and Judicaël Brun, and the stage design and lights of Pierre Josserand) that make each concert a true audio and visual immersive experience. You get it, the PinioL maze has several entrances but only one way out: ecstasy! 

The album is released on Friday through Bandcamp but ahead of that we have a full stream for your listening pleasure.

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