Release date: March 21, 2018
Label: Kozmik Artifactz

I like to think that this album was created in ’93. Recorded in the back of a camper van out in the desert, back when Kyuss were still kings and Josh Homme hadn’t lost his title as stoner rock’s guitarist du jour. Because that is what this album sounds like.

IAH have crafted a great slab of psychedelic, instrumental stoner rock. This eponymous album is heavy on dynamics, often flitting between soft, Latin tinged passages, and full on heavy stoner/post-metal passages.

The album isn’t about single songs, though if pressed, opener ‘Cabalgan los cielos’ is my highlight. This album is about the journey as a whole. It is meant to convey a trip, whether it be to outer space or the outer fringes of one’s own mind.

IAH don’t outstay their welcome either, though the songs are progressive, with just a hint of Tool’s signature sounds, there is little meandering.

IAH, have delivered a great debut, and I can imagine these songs exploding to life on stage.

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