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Message To Bears is the musical alias of English composer and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander. On July 19th, he will be releasing his 5th studio album titled, Constants. It is made up of 11 incredibly emotive tracks and each track takes the listener on a different and wondrous journey.

After living in London for some time, Alexander returned to live in his hometown of Bristol. It is there where he completed this new LP from within his home studio, located on the edge of local woodland. “It would be these daily walks amongst small streams and ever-changing trees that would influence and help form this latest collection of songs. These small glimpses of meditations are a means of processing all the anxieties that would otherwise be neglected without an outlet for creativity. Constants is an attempt to hold onto something real and grounding amongst the seemingly fleeting and fragile experiences of life.”

We are excited to be sharing a track off the album titled, ‘All We Said’. The instrumentation in combination with his vocals makes this track quite beautiful. 
Check it out here: 

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