Hyperuranion by Chat Noir

Release date: March 29, 2019
Label: RareNoise Records

Since my introduction to Chat Noir’s music started three years ago with their sixth studio album Nine Thoughts For One Word, I had completely forgotten about them and my ears focused on something else. Well, my ears have come back to their music once more and finding out what the London-based group have in store for another spaced out adventure from RareNoise Records.

This year, they’ve released their seventh studio album, Hyperuranion. It’s a term that was once described by the Athenian philosopher Plato as a mean to a perfect realm of archetypal ideas as the soul is waiting to go inside the body for searching one of humanity’s realism for both beauty and truth on Earth.


For Chat Noir, they wanted to search for their own spirituality of bringing electronica, jazz, ambient, and rock by blending it as one. And to have Norwegian jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer to appear on four of the tracks from the album, it’s quite a journey from start to finish. And an incredible artwork, model, and design by Luca Rossini, Elena Faccio, Danja Calvi, and Giulia Ramires.

The trance sample of Ringo Starr screaming “I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!” from the end of ‘Helter Skelter’ on The Beatles White Album in 1968, ‘Blisters’ opens the album off as Michele and Daniel trace down some deep clanking with an eerie late ‘70s/early ‘80s approach from the synths, guitars, and mellotron’s by opening up the hallway doors into something that is beyond the structures of Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express and Agitation Free’s 2nd album.

Nils’ echoing effect on his trumpet that he uses on ‘Quasar’, opens up this cavernous howl to set up the pin dropping segment at any second as you can feel the intensive pulse by raising the temperatures up to a minimal level and entering this ghost town without anyone to guide you. Chat Noir then delve back into the waters of both the Krautrock and the New Wave genre on ‘Glimpse’.

Nils trumpet sends waves of channels to Miles Davis and Franco Baggiani before segueing into the mind realms of Wendy Carlos. Guitars going haywire, and honoring Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra with ‘Ten Elephants’. You can imagine Chat Noir re-scoring to one of Disney’s underrated 1982 cult classics, Tron starring Jeff Bridges as Flynn. Listening to this track is almost as if Jeff Bridges’ character has taken Chat Noir into the Grid by saving mankind from the evil forces of Commander Sark.

This really was an album that shows a label like RareNoise by going on a whole new scale of real good music. Hyperuranion is Chat Noir’s ‘Pièce De Résistance’. They have come a long way to give my earphones another challenge. And they did. What will the band think of next? We may never know.

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