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Bristol-based artist SLONK is a musical project headed by Joe Sherrin. On December 20th SLONK is set to release a track titled ‘Tracy’. The track is the first from Joe’s upcoming album titled Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? which is being released sometime next year. 

When you listen to the track, without knowing the context around it, it’s pretty dark and draws you in with its instrumentation and witty lyrics. Once you know the story behind it, you can’t help but love the track even more. Joe explains the inspiration behind ‘Tracy’, “I wrote Tracy in February this year about my Christmas tree (we called her Tracy). The bin men didn’t pick her up with the other trees so she stayed in our front garden, rotting well into Spring. I think my brother and I finally disposed of her body in April. It’s not a Christmas Song at all really – It’s basically a song about how everything is disposable.”

Tracy will be released digitally in all the usual places, along with 3 b sides – one of which is a colab with friend Sam of Cagework, where they did a re-working of one of Sam’s songs, ‘Mould’.

Check out Tracy below.

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