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Moscow-born now Toronto-based singer and composer Anastasia Minster is set to release her sophomore album, Father, on April 2nd. On this album, Anastasia collaborated with several other musicians. “Three tracks were created in collaboration with English musician, composer and record producer Steve Jansen, and feature his signature atmospheric synth and string arrangements. Other tracks boast multi-layered cello arrangements by Canadian virtuoso cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne and trumpet parts by JUNO-nominated Tara Kannangara. The album was recorded at Sonology studio in Toronto using a variety of vintage analogue sound equipment. The lyrics are inspired by the works of Carl Jung, Hermann Hesse and Andrei Tarkovsky.”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the second single from the album, which is the title track off the album, ‘Father’. The track is based on Anastasia’s personal experiences and the lyrics are “both psychoanalytic and theological and are inspired by the doctrine of the trinity.” Steve Jansen added the synth and string section on this track.

Anastasia explains that “‘Father’ is perhaps the most personal song I have composed so far. Writing it was a journey of sorts: back to the death of my father 15 years ago, coming of age and then fast forward to all the personal drama that has unfolded in my life over the past two years…. I am incredibly happy that Steve [Jansen], who had been such an inspiration for me for many years, agreed to work with me on this track.”

‘Father’ is a deeply moving and beautiful track, both vocally and instrumentally. Listen to it here…

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