Dark Jewels by Jules in Trouble

Release date: June 27, 2020
Label: Heroic Cities Records

Jules in Trouble is a duo comprised of Julia LoFaso and Daniel Giachetti from Queens, NYC that traffics in dark, synth-infused snippets of dream pop. Their press release says they are inspired by the German Netflix show DARK.

You may be reminded of Julee Cruise at times, but presented in a modern musical frame. Songs describe time travel, and the years 1986 and 2019. In the song ‘33 Years’, I love the line that says: ‘I really miss the 80s, and I miss not being crazy’. That line is almost like a mantra, as Julia’s pretty voice wraps around your ears.

The warmer ‘Perfect Match’ follows, with its hazy and slightly woozy synth lines and Julia’s pretty voice. It is all too short, just like ‘33 Years’. It moves into the widescreen pop of ‘Where/When’, with its dark-hued, musical backdrop. It barely exceeds three minutes, and is over all too soon, fading away like a sepia-toned photo from the distant past. ‘Old Before We’re Young’ is the longest song here, and possibly the most straightforward in terms of melody. It is another appealing musical segment, like everything on this release.

The final tune is ‘Parallel Lines’, slightly pensive and haunting. I love the buzzing synths and the unhurried pace. In summary, this is an elegant, chill work of art that is the perfect balm for your frazzled senses in these troubled times.

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