Good Luck, Seeker by The Waterboys

Release date: August 21, 2020
Label: Cooking Vinyl Records

If you’ve had a career that lasts close to 40 years and release 13 albums as a band, of which at least three or even more would land on almost anybody’s ‘best of’ lists what do you do for your 14th album?

How about an album that goes through all the musical styles and genres you’ve covered up until then, but through a set of brand new songs? Well, that is exactly what Mike Scott, The Waterboys mastermind decided to do on Good Luck, Seeker, the band’s latest. Oh, and you add a bit of classic soul for good measure, and not just on the opener that bears the title ‘The Soul Singer’.


For those less initiated, Mike Scott has gone through almost every style that tickled his fancy. From the widescreen rock/pop arrangements of the band’s first three albums(whatever happened to Karl Wallinger?), through the Celtic Folk variations of Fisherman’s Blues to being inspired by the poetry of Y. B. Yates (An Appointment With Mr. Yates) and quite a few other things in-between. Mike Scott has done it all without at any point going bellow the point that can be described as simply good. Very often, he was able to reach the heights 99% of other artists weren’t even close to.

To that effect, it is no big surprise that Good Luck, Seeker never goes bellow that good mark and quite often, like on ‘Low Down In The Broom’ ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’ or the closer ‘The Land of Sunset’ he is able to reach his previous heights or get quite close to them.

Throughout, Scott often resorts to his penchant for poetry, turning some songs into spoken words with poetry, but all to a good effect. In the end, it is confirmed – Mike Scott has still got it and The Waterboys have yet again come up with an excellent album.

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