Taras Bulba release their 2nd album, Soul Weaver, on Friday. Recorded between February and April of 2020, the album is a sharp contrast to the Taras Bulba debut ‘One’. 

“Whereas ‘One’ was a laid back psilocybic novelty travelogue; Soul-weaver is more guitar driven  dream like psychedelia, mixing 60’s garage rock, shoegaze, bucolic west coast acid folk and ambient feedback. The album builds on song structures instead of drifting instrumentals prevalent on our debut and is an indication of the path I want to go musically. Constructing the album in such a short time and under lockdown restrictions changed the way the album took shape. There were no drum sessions between myself and Jon due to the social distance rule and therefore percussion had to be constructed from drum machines or ‘found’ from previous sessions and cannibalised. So, in some ways this is more a solo record (Jon has never heard the songs). It is a guitar album whereas ‘One’ was a rhythm/percussion focused recording.

Lyrically it draws on (quite accidentally) the writings of Dion Fortune, particularly her novel ‘The Sea Priestess’ which I read 12 months before. It never even came into mind until I started draughting the lyrics and things started popping up that had very strong comparisons to that novel. That’s the subconscious mind I suppose and also living next to the Irish sea which is literally at the top of my street. I can see it and smell the salt on the air everyday. I’m lucky really for that. I took it all for granted up until the last year or two. The recording has a bit of a watery, dreamy feel too.” Says Fred Laird.

Ahead of that release, we have the video for ‘The Blistering of Summer Heat’ (which frankly is a little on the nose today!)  – a lovely slice of “dream folk and west coast harmonies evoking the rite of Pan or recalling Lucian Taylor’s Hallucinatory world in Arthur Machen’s ‘Hill of Dreams’.” Perfect for blissing out on a summer day to. 

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