Fashioner by In Parallel

Release date: September 4, 2020
Label: Wiretap Records

The 80’s and 90’s have had something of a resurgence of late with the musical stylings and techniques seeping into a lot of new music. On it’s new EP Fashioner, In Parallel continues its mix of 80’s synth and shoegaze with beautiful melancholic results. The group consists of members of Celebrity and Hopesfall and certainly features more of the melodic chorus sensibilities of the former but adds that to huge waves of 80s influence.

‘Six Over Eight’ starts as the EP means to go on with a vocal lead performance which carries the tune over light instrumentation and a reverbing drum beat. The vocal delivery is deep and crisp with each word being fully audible whilst still rising and moulding to direct the melody in different directions. This isn’t really a style I find myself listening to very often but In Parallel are very skilled at making patterns stick and I found the chorus floating round my mind even after the music had stopped.


Whilst I was more in searching of the Hum or Celebrity influence there was certainly a balance and merger of the two styles which I hadn’t come across before. When used, the guitar is very minimalist and gazey but during the second half of both ‘Leave It With The Ghost’ and ‘Threat of Heaven’ the guitar becomes far more prominent when the band breaks into a more modern shoegaze style.

Right in the middle of the album comes ‘Deep Dark’ which really could be a pop song from the 80’s in the sense that it is synth heavy with very clean lines and some very catchy vocals. As with ‘Six Over Eight’ the singing is faultless, and I did find it delivering hooks that are usually reserved for instruments to sling out. In Parallel has created a very catchy release and fans of the revival synth sound of 80s popular music will get satisfaction with Fashioner.

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