Two short years after the release of CerementInfera Bruo returns with Rites of the Nameless; a six part subterranean odyssey through modern blackened metal. The transformative powers of those intervening years have elicited an evolution in Infera Bruo, captured in equal parts aggressive and melodic form here on their new album. Rites of the Nameless will be released on October 16th through Prosthetic Records (order through here).

Singer and guitarist Galen Baudhuin tells us about 3 releases that have influenced Infera Bruo as a band: “I wanted to write about the albums that influenced me within the context of Infera Bruo. Otherwise it would just be three Judas Priest records. There are obvious influences in our music (Immortal, Emperor, etc.) that are talked about at length by everyone else, so I’ll leave those out. The strange thing about influences is that a lot depends on your age and when you hear certain things. It always surprises me to hear what people younger than me consider influential, and I’m sure the older generation would question some of the things that have inspired me as well. These, along with the other band members’ influences, were key to finding our musical identity within Infera Bruo.”

Thorns – Thorns

To me this album is the absolute pinnacle of catchy black metal songwriting. It really struck me, as a fan of stuff like 90’s Ministry, that you could have that cold industrial sound with black metal riffs. It’s also important as it turned me on to less traditional use of electronics / synthesizers in black metal. Not the standard symphonic stuff (which I also love). It made collaborating with Robin Amos (Infera Bruo, Cul De Sac, etc.) make perfect sense. It’s also an album that features one of my all time favorite black metal vocalists, Aldrahn (Dodheimsgard, The Deathtrip, etc.). This album sort of completes the picture that Satyricon’s ‘Rebel Extravaganza’, and Dodheimsgard’s ‘666 International’ started.

King Crimson – In The Court Of The Crimson King

I know this album has been talked about to death by people in other genres, but I can’t deny its huge impact on my songwriting. Sometimes when playing within set parameters (which we do), you get stuck. I’ve gone to this album (and others by this band) when I wanted to get out of my comfort zone structurally and conceptually. There’s always inspiration to be found on it. Clearly they’ve influenced many metal acts, as bands like Entombed and Enslaved have done covers over the years. A lot of the melodies that Greg Lake sings on this are very dark, and have informed some of the melodic content in our band. ‘In The Court…’ is prog as it should be. Subtly complex, with lots of feeling and meandering.

Keep Of Kalessin – Reclaim

This is technically an EP, but it might as well be a full length for the overwhelming amount of amazing music on it. The group of musicians on this recording, Obsidian Claw, Atilla Csihar and Frost, are reason alone to listen. But holy shit, the riffs are incredible. OC’s picking and sense of melody had a big impact on my approach to writing black metal guitar parts. Also, as someone who initially couldn’t hang with the vocals on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, hearing Atilla’s performance on this gave me a real appreciation for his unique talents, and subsequently made me enjoy ‘DMDS’ even more. As with every album that Frost performs on, the drums are amazing. Too bad it was just a transitional lineup.

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