S/T by Peace Chord

Release date: February 5, 2021
Label: Unheard of Hope

Listening to Peace Chord’s self-titled album, one of the standard questions crops up when you encounter something that completely occupies your musical interest on a first listen – where did this come from?

Well, it comes from Vancouver, Canada, and Daniel Robertson, one of the core members of the city’s Crack Cloud collective. For those unfamiliar, Crack Cloud is a seven-member art-punk group and multimedia collective. But listening to Robertson’s aka Peace Chord album, you somehow have to put that punk part on the back burner and focus on the art part of the description and ‘peace’ part of the album (and moniker) title.


You see, Danielson focuses here on hushed vocals and shimmering piano chords, all combined with coming and going harmonies (‘Spectral Processor’) and quiet sonic movements. No wonder, since as Danielson says, “Peace Chord was made in the shed behind the communal house that I and rest of Crack Cloud live in. I recorded most of it there, as well as in my parent’s living room, during and after the making of Pain Olympics with Crack Cloud. In that ramshackle space I found stillness for the first time after three years of oscillation; between harm-reduction work in overdose prevention sites and low-barrier shelters, and tour with Crack Cloud. In the stillness of that space, I was afforded time to reflect on the thoughts and experiences that had gone unseen…”

And it is all reflected in shimmering music that has a similar effect as did, say, that Beach Boys classic ‘Wind Chimes’. Danielson recollects here all the celebratory and traumatic events that he went through, and he doesn’t have to explicitly say it, you can actually sense it in all the seven musical pieces here. Peace Chord gives you the sense of all the artists applying the same process, but also the uniqueness of the one “Peace Chord”, aka Danielson went through himself.

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