Centre by Mt. Mountain

Release date: February 26, 2021
Label: Fuzz Club Records

“All colors psychedelic” could be the phrase to describe the releases of Fuzz Club, the label that has garnered solid cult status in the last few years. And if there is a band that would easily fit the above description it is the Australian five-piece Mt. Mountain. So it is no wonder that Centre, their fourth album is released by Fuzz Club.

So, what psychedelic shades are here on the new outing by Stephen Bailey and his crew? Well, if you try to make it brief, you could say Grateful Dead in their ‘Dark Star’ mode funneled through the classic Krautrock variations of everybody from Can to Neu!. But, that is neither brief nor lacking variations, as The Dead would never repeat their ‘Dark Star’ twice, nor can you lump Krautrock into just one bag. 


And that is exactly how these five guys from Perth approach their music – extended variations that rely on Bailey’s vocals and organ (and occasional flute) and dual guitars from Glenn Palmer (synth too) and Derrick Treach, with the rhythm section of Thomas Cahill (drums) and Brendan Stanley, both keeping and shifting the pace as the music develops.

Most of the album was recorded through live sessions, but it seems that Mt. Mountain knows exactly when to expand and when to show restraint, something only the best ‘psych shaders’ of all variations are able to do. That is why on Centre we get this excellent flow of music that goes from lull to a boil and back with ease and flair. Possibly, the best from Mt. Mountain so far.

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