In Standard Definition by Art d’Ecco

Release date: April 23, 2021
Label: Paper Bag Records

When Glam rock became a full-fledged genre in the first part of the seventies, many rock critics of the time thought that it will be just a passing fad. But, then that was what they thought about many other genres too. 

And here we are some fifty or so years later and glam rock keeps on re-appearing. One of the reasons that are the case is that it is able to adapt and join with practically any musical style it wishes to do so. It could be the original 70’s glam, new wave, new romantic or electronic art-rock in any shape or form.


While the first time around most of the artists adopted the androgynous stance, whether they felt as such or not, quite a few of the current purveyors of neo-glam, so to say, actually are truly androgynous and for them feel the genre as something natural.

Case in point, Canadian artist Art d’Ecco and his latest album In Standard Definition. Art d’Ecco doesn’t have to pretend, he knows exactly how to extract the best out of glam and combine it with any other musical genre he pleases, and he pleases to do so with quite a few of them.

The list is practically the same as the one above. 70’s glam, new wave, new romantic or electronic art-rock in its all old or new forms (think in terms of his compatriots Arcade Fire). And when something feels natural, it is no problem to come up with something outstanding, and Art d’Ecco does. Listening to the album you start asking the question, is this art deco or the art of Umberto Ecco? 

The answer is probably neither and both, and maybe that is exactly the dilemma Art d’Ecco wants to leave us in. But there’s no dilemma about one thing. In Standard Definition is an excellent album.

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