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Whoever is familiar with the works of Reto Mäder (Sum Of R, JeGong, RM74) should know what (or what not) to expect when diving into Ural Umbo‘s newest effort Roomer. And to make one thing clear, teaming up with Marko Neuman (Dark Buddha Rising, Sum Of R, Waste Of Space Orchestra, Convocation) surely didn‘t contribute to making it any more accessible. Roomer is a metaphor for a bodiless spirit in search of a nest. A nest or a room constructed with hypnotizing drum rhythms and instrumental complexity. A musical avant-gardist room with neither roof or floor, nor walls but just an unlocked door, welcoming the chaos of borderless perception by echoing voices in the language of the spirits. A sinister variety of plagued spirits inhabit Roomer, but don’t be afraid to offer it a nest.

Roomer is released on May 21st through Consouling Sounds (pre-order here) and you can listen to the full album exclusively below.

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