For its fourth release, Cold Plunge, doomgaze act STAHV aka Solomon Arye Rosenschein improvised – literally. The three tracks which make up the twenty-one minutes of the EP were each recorded live in one continuous take with minimal overdubs. The performances all feature the hallmarks of STAHV’s live setup: keyboards and guitars slathered in layers of loops, cavernous reverbs, and myriad delays.

Rosenschein describes the moody title track, premiered below, as “The Cure meets Can.” While closer ‘a slow surrender’ and ‘Stealth Deception’ are both fuzz-drenched grooves with lo-fi beats and arpeggiation that bring to mind a collision of Beach House and Hawkwind.

Cold Plunge is the first STAHV release on Portland-based Heterodox Records, home to Production Unit Xero and Gloom Mountain Gospel. Live, STAHV has appeared at curated festivals like Northwest Terror Fest and Freakout Fest as well as supporting Scott Kelly of Neurosis, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, and Mirrors for Psychic Warfare.

Released on Friday July 30, 2021, Cold Plunge can be purchased here


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