Get Up Sequences Part One by The Go! Team

Release date: July 2, 2021
Label: Memphis Industries

False start, kickstart, GO! Back once again with the lipsmacking, thirst quenching, block rocking, good times. Get Up Sequences Part One is album number six from joy buzzer street gang The Go! Team and amazingly still packs that same fizzing, caffeine shake, sugar high. This is what you need. A Saturday morning Hanna Barbera cartoon band, fronted by a woman called Ninja who may actually be a superhero on the down low. The Beastie Boys producing the Sesame Street kids. Golden New York summers as seen on 70’s TV.

As soon as ‘Let the Seasons Work’ gets up and running the brass is blaring like a pep rally, cut with juddering robot percussion and a merry-go-round whirl under dreamy vocals. ‘Cookie Scene’ brings the flute looping, rope jumping, school yard chants and itchy feet beats. Next thing dream pop guitars are reversing into the hectic instrumental groove and see-sawing mouth organ of ‘A Memo for Maceo’ running like an ad break ident into ‘We Do It But Never Know Why’. Sitcom strings matched to hip hop beats in a hazy spiral it swoons and spins and makes room for a sweet talking bit before another uplifting blast of horns.


It’s an attention deficit, channel surfing rollercoaster that pulls in whatever catches the ear but always with an open hearted sense of love and excitement. The sounds come from multiple sources but are never set up to clash, it’s more like they rub them together releasing a static jolt of electricity. A multi-coloured polyester crackle of warm and hopeful nostalgia that flows through their music while avoiding the historical re-enactment trap of retro-rock. That they’re still getting such immediate and satisfying results on their sixth album shows the basic recipe to be both less random and more flexible than it first appeared.

Recent single ‘A Bee Without its Sting’ features vocals from Detroit youngsters Jessie Miller and Rian Woods and has a little Jackson 5 magic about it. Upbeat and smiling, it’s actually a feelgood call for justice “And if you think our hassle/ Ain’t here to stay/And that your money’s making this go away/Well this is never through/Till you get what you’re due” they coo sweetly with history on their side. Meanwhile ‘Tame the Great Plains’ is a great lost soundtrack for the kind of old cowboy TV show that was shot on a Hollywood ranch in surprisingly clean shirts. It seems a fine way to ride off into the sunset but the last track is a wake up call.

‘World Remember Me Now’ starts with an alarm clock, goes another round with the punch-bag beats, has squiggling synths, plenty of brass and what sounds like a steel band sample in there too, all in aid of just getting you through another day. This is what you need. Noise-hop cheerleaders and candy-striped, sunshine pop so joyous it’s probably fortified with vitamin D. Happiness can be a surprisingly difficult trick in music, it shines a bright light on any insincerity. Trust me, as a time served, black belt, misery wizard I can assure you The Go! Team are a pure hearted emotional lift, an involuntary outburst of “oh, hell yes!!” Summer is ready when you are.


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