Acts of Worshop by ACTORS

Release date: October 1, 2021
Label: Artoffact Records

Vancouver post-punk project ACTORS has just released another stellar album, swirling with dark harmonics and shrouded in mystery. Evoking everyone from New Order to Roxy Music but sounding solely like themselves, the group has a real penchant for dance beats and catchy melodies. Singer Jason Corbett really brings it on this release, his dramatic and captivating vocals out front and center in the mix. There is a warmth in his voice that is a nice counterpoint to the icy synths and driving bass and percussion that populate these songs.

Starting off with the uneasiness of ‘Love U More’, this release rockets out of the gate and never lets up. Corbett sounds quite like Bryan Ferry here, and he is joined by Shannon’s pretty backing vocals. Following that is the glacial ‘Like Suicide’, which continues the run of hit worthy material. These folks sound like all my favorite 80s synth pop groups rolled into one, but they sure do put their own brand of energy into it. Their meticulously produced sound was sculpted by Corbett at his home studio, and his work producing Spectres and Bootblacks is equally compelling. Third up is the creepy ‘Cold Eyes’, and I really dig the dirty sonics. ‘Obsession’ turns up the melodic light a bit, even while the gloomy words paint it black. I like the chilly soundscape and the cool effects on the guitars.

‘Death From Above’ is all snappy beats and is just another example of why these guys rule the cold beat airwaves. ‘Killing Time (Is Over)’ has a beautiful main melody and marries that to shards of Joy Division meshed with OMD. ‘Only Lonely’ just slays me, while ‘Strangers’ is a stone cold killer tune. ‘End of the World’ is possibly my favorite song here (among many favorites), and it ends all too quickly. The final ‘Once More With Feeling’ is cinematic in scope, a slow, dark waltz with the devil. I hope their next album doesn’t take three years, because I can’t get enough of their sound. Highly recommended for fans of the darkwave genre, and really for any of the aforementioned bands.

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